Brand New Year

It’s the dawn of a brand new year.  Fresh, open, a blank page with no history to speak of except the echo of horns, whistles, the flickering points of sparklers, the boom of fireworks and the sounds of people celebrating.  A new year is like a new car, sleek and smooth, with no mileage.  No wear and tear.  You want to polish it, keep it clean, avoid any scratches or dings like you had on the old model.  Mostly, you want to climb in and go, see where it will take you.  You will probably come to a crossroads, or many.  You might sit for a while, deciding  which way is the best way to go.  You might be afraid or worried after you make your choice.  You might make a wrong turn, and have to backtrack.  You might press hard on the gas, excited to be on a definitive path, only to have to slam on brakes, slow down a bit, take it all in.

Wherever you find yourself as you take on this brand new new year, here’s to you finding your way with no regrets, no mishaps, no mistakes, no sadness, and no wrong turns.

Happy New Year!



4 responses to “Brand New Year

  1. Love this. Wish I had written it. I’m so into the new year as new beginning. I have my new office and we’re all on watch for our newest little member of the family. New, new, new…love it. Just think…this is the year you will write “The End”. New beginnings and happy endings.


  2. Thank you!

    I know you must be excited for the arrival of the little one…it’s probably too early, but do we know yet,,,pink baby or blue baby? And when is the due date…and wow… a new office to boot? Nice!


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