Donna Everhart

It was a chance meeting.  Like he found me, or I found him.  Either way, meet “Mister.”  He is from […]

Sidebar from the usual post about writing…it’s Christmas!  We have to share about decorating – don’t we? It takes me […]

When the story broke about David Petraeus cheating with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, the news coverage was relentless.  After a week […]

Ever since we visited London five years ago, we’ve always wanted to go back.  There was something about that great […]

Little did I know when I spoke of my favorite authors as writing in a “gritty” way, that a term […]

I wrote my second book set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.   We always go through the mountains […]

The other day I was in the shower and squirted a gob of conditioner in my hand – then proceeded […]

I get a lot of ideas for what books to read in a number of ways.  One is following the […]

I’m currently in Mississippi, towards the north end of the state, about forty-five minutes from Memphis and Oxford, and Tupelo […]

Currently, I’m back to adding in new material to the second book, based on feedback from my agent.  When I […]

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