Donna Everhart

I wonder how many other writers go through this? I’ve written two books and both are so completely different, it’s […]

If you’ve spent time reading about the craft of writing, eventually you’re going to run across an article about one […]

Writing and research go hand in hand, but, writers sometimes get caught by surprise when they realize that research can […]

I was poking around my blog entries the other day and at the time, I had no real reason for […]

Readers, this is a post I’ve been waiting to do for some time.   Since I started this blog, I’ve often […]

There it is.  You’ve just finished up a real doozy of a chapter, only to sit back and worry that […]

One of my favorite stories about Kiwi is the one I heard right after we first got her.   Blaine brought […]

When I was let go from my job in March of this year, I decided I’d treat my writing like […]

This is an unexpected post…yet again, we have been dealt a blow in relation to one of our beloved Yorkies. […]

The manuscript of my first book stayed on my computer for quite some time.   On occasion, in between my regular […]

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