Donna Everhart

3d Cover JESSAMINE Pending Cover Reveal

Good morning, readers! I have the new cover and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Soon, I’ll share it with you, along with a […]

Hello all! I tend to forget to post here on my website about sales on my books. I’m trying to […]

Good morning, all! I have a bit of news to share! ???? First, I have a publication date for my […]

Happy New Year to you all! ???????? I thought I’d share the gorgeous cover of the Czech Republic’s hardcover edition […]

Yes. Lo and behold, I do a newsletter. Do you want to subscribe? If you do, on the front page […]

Hello readers of the blog (and FB/Twitter, where this automatically posts as well), ???????? For those following the blog, it’s […]

Hello to the blog! It’s hard to believe summer’s almost over, isn’t it? I’m stopping by to let you all […]

This may be limited to today, I’m not sure, but just so you know! These sales have been random. If […]

Oh my gosh! The comments were wonderful. I always love reading (or listening when at events) to why a reader […]

It’s finally here! Today is Women’s Fiction Day, a special day created by the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association in honor […]

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