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First Sentence Fridays – THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! Free Book Friday –>THE FORGIVING KIND!

By my calculations, we are finally caught up! From this point on, we’re back to the “normal” routine of one sentence a week.

How about a book trailer ? Kensington, my publisher, has this up on my page on their site, but I’m not sure who has seen it yet. I love book trailers. I think the right images help to showcase the essence of a story.


Jessie’s father, Easton, is a driven man, albeit in a quiet way. He’s calm under most circumstances, even with regard to her attitude about their moonshining, and liquor hauling. He’s taught both Jessie and her brother, Merritt, everything he knows. One thing he hasn’t taught them about is revenge, but that’s because he’s not one prone to violence. Jessie is fully aware of the Murrys, their ways, and their violence. She’s heard about them all her life. As he waits for Uncle Virgil to arrive, Jessie observes his behavior, and his agitation over what happened to her brother, Merritt, is apparent by his uncommon behavior.

Chapter 9

Daddy couldn’t sit still.


The winner of THE FORGIVING KIND will be announced Monday morning!

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  1. Wow!!!! This is Awesome! The book sounds intriguing ! I am looking forward to this book, this will be a MUST READ for me! I Love the book Trailer!

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