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Hold Pattern

Hello everyone!

Okay, I know it’s the era of COVID lockdowns, etc., and to use flying on a plane and going on a trip as an analogy seems completely WRONGHEADED, but stay with me here.

You’re in your seat on the airplane, and it’s taxied down the runway. You’re staring out the window, or maybe down the aisle trying to see through the cockpit door. What the heck are they doing in there? You’ve been ready for take off for some time now, let’s get on with it! You fiddle with your phone, and then hear the crackle of speakers overhead. The pilot comes on.

He says, “Sorry folks, we’re in a hold pattern, they’ve got to . . . <insert whatever it is they have to do here>. We’ll be in the air shortly.”

He might go on to tell you about the weather for where you’re going.

That’s exactly how I feel while I wait to tell you about this next book! I feel like you’re all loaded up on my plane, and every now and again I come over the speakers to tell you we’re going to take off soon. Trust me – we are, but just like going through that cockpit checklist before a pilot gets a plane in the air, the same can be said for preparing for a promotion campaign for a book. Timing is everything!

I do have a few things I wanted to share that might help you stay in your seat while we’re in this hold pattern. 🙂

  1. Some (from Facebook and Twitter) know the publication date, and I’ve been so wrapped up with various other writing projects, I neglected to share it here on my blog. The book will go ON SALE January 25th, 2022! HURRAY!
  2. Also, my editor liked the title, so we’re keeping The Saints of Swallow Hill. Intrigued by that? Yay, again!
  3. It seems like a long way off, but on May 21st, I will actually be able to start my First Sentence Fridays. Have you missed those?
  4. Suzy Approved Book Tours is doing an exclusive cover reveal! That is on the schedule for May 3rd – May 5th. Note: I’ve seen the cover and it’s GORGEOUS!
  5. Last, I just received the flap copy, (I told my editor, I don’t know who writes these but they always give me the shivers, and grab my heart!) It will be shared as part of the exclusive cover reveal!

One of the main reasons none of this has been shared yet, the PRE-ORDER links aren’t ready. Most retailers won’t have them until about nine months before publication.

Either way, it’s sooner rather than later at this point when I can start sharing with you everything I’ve been holding on to for what seems like a really long time! I can hardly wait to tell you about this latest book. I truly love the story, and I hope you will too.





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    1. Hey Susan, you probably won’t see this b/c I didn’t know you commented until this morning! (my fault for monkeying around with my blog settings a few months back). I’m anxious for everyone to read the book! Won’t be as long as it has been! 🙂

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