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It’s A Really Fine Day

I’ve often wondered when I finally got the chance to write this particular post, what I would say and how I would say it…, would I do what I’m doing right now,  playing around with words…, while knowing what I know…, yet keeping my news to myself for just a bit longer, relishing that it has finally happened?  Have you guessed yet?

I received an email bright and early from my editor this morning.  She’s in the UK, and therefore it wasn’t so early for her.  Her subject line was “You have an agent!”   I didn’t know the human body could have the kind of reaction mine had – how about nausea, racing heart, cold chills, some sort of hot flash thing and drippy eyes – all at once.  What was that?  Was I on the verge of a nervous breakdown?  Nah…but it sure was a strange feeling.  What an astounding email to read – not just the subject line – but what she added.

I have yet to talk to my new agent, (eek – my new agent…I keep wanting to say it over and over…) but, I can’t wait because he read my manuscript and said all the things I hoped I’d hear one day.   She included the following:

I can’t thank you enough for sending this to me.  I’m blowing through the pages now and can’t stop;  the voice is just remarkable, and I feel immersed in every scene.  The events are painful to read but they also feel authentic and nuanced, and are delivered with insight and a dash of wry humor.  The characters, too, are etched in my mind.  I know for sure I want to represent this.”

And, there was even more  said just as good as this.    Getting the news felt better than I ever thought and I owe it all to my editor.  I’ve not said her name on this blog, and I want to eventually ask her if I can – she’s been my secret weapon all along.  She’s why I was able to go to the top of the slush pile with her contacts and unique way of managing her editing business.   But, I know she has as many manuscripts as she can probably handle at the moment…and so until I get her permission I don’t feel that I can give her name out.

The agent is John Talbot at Talbot Fortune Agency.  He has a partner, Gail Fortune, who also read the manuscript and they both were on fire about it.   I believe that enthusiasm will be apparent as they submit to publishers.    I have read that can also be a bit of a long haul but if there’s one thing you learn when writing a book, it’s patience and to let things happen in due time.  In the meantime – on to more writing in Book 2.

4 thoughts on “It’s A Really Fine Day”

    1. Hi Pam, thank you for reading the blog and congratulations on your decision to write a book. It’s definitely an intense process and patience is key. I had to learn to “cool my jets” several times – not only during the editing, but through the process to acquire an agent, and even now, while waiting on publishers to decide if they like it and want to publish it. Once you make a decision to write though, it’s almost as if you can’t get it out of your head until you’ve done it. At least that’s what happened to me. Be encouraged and go for it!



      1. You’re an inspiration! I love the “cool my jets” part. I have a “who would ever read what I have to write?” conversation going in my head most of the time. Anyway, congratulations to you! I look forward to hearing about your book getting published. I see it being published with grace and ease! I’ll stay tuned …… Pam ; )

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