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MAKE EVERY WORD COUNT by Gary Provost – A Must Read!

This book is out of print, but you can still get it on, which is what I did. It was used, but in good condition.  I spent $3.99 for it (Amazon prime = free shipping), although I wished I’d had it before I started writing my first book.  Still, I’m now glad I have it  for the second book.  I felt in need of some help to unravel any bad habits I could be forming.  (make that – am likely forming).   I just read about the book on another blog and the writer was so adamant that all writers HAD to have it and read it, that I immediately quit reading her blog just so I could go buy it.

I love his writing style – which he goes into some detail explaining why he’s writing the book the way he is at the very beginning, and he also explains that he will cover “style” on behalf of the writer a bit more later in the book.  I’ve only read to page 48 or so, but already he’s provided such a wealth of information that I’m anxious to get to the end and to put what he says into practice.  I’m going to save what I have as version 1, and when I go back to revise, I’m planning to clean up my manuscript by tweaking it here and there, using his methods/suggestions, and it will be interesting to see how it all comes out.  For example, I’m going to find/replace most – if not all –  “ly” words.  Enthusiastically, cautiously, unwittingly, etc, you know, the ones that are considered weak words.  I plan to add in more sensory descriptions – but he definitely cautions the writer here to not go overboard.

Some other examples of what he has included are, as mentioned already, style, avoiding cliches, tone, intention, credibility, characterization, bringing characters to life, dialogue, scene setting, using details that work, and POV.  Trust me when I say I’m only skimming the surface, the book is packed with advice and information.  It’s considered a “must read” but you can go search it out and see for yourself as to whether it’s worth it or not.  I scanned the book and knew right away I’d get it and keep it, right here… on my desk.  I’m looking at it right this moment.  It’s a captivating little book, as my fingers creep towards it and now I have to stop writing this blog because…. I feel the need….to read.

5 thoughts on “MAKE EVERY WORD COUNT by Gary Provost – A Must Read!”

  1. I have gone down the writing book road half a dozen times. Usually i learn something but the only one i have finished is Elmore Leeonard’s. Even so, i will entertain advice from someone who has a character named Dixie.

    1. LOL – Dixie was definitely a unique name to use…

      Same goes for me on reading books about writing – there are only a few out there that I’ve found to be worth the time. (this was by Gary Provost was one) The other two were “On Writing” by Stephen King…and my all time favorite… “The Forest For The Trees” by Betsy Lerner.

      Thanks for stopping by and making a comment!

      1. I have Betsy’s book. Haven’t read yet. Anne Rivers Siddon is as close as i have come tom reading anything aabout Dixie. A little more seriouss than Siddon is one of my favorites, Goodbye to the Buttermilk Sky by Julia Oliver.

        1. I went and checked that book out and I think I’d really like it. I’m going to order and read. Thanks – I’m always on the lookout for something different to read and I’m particularly drawn to lit fiction set in the south.

  2. Hi. Betsy is back. Let me know when you get into “Goodbye to the Buttermilk Sky.”

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