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Lynn Russell and Nancy Frederick Timmerman Win The FINAL Free Book Friday!!!


The final week’s winners are . . . LYNN RUSSELL and NANCY FREDERICK TIMMERMAN!!!

Each of you win a finished copy of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER!


Please PM me on Facebook or email me ( your address so I can ship your books off pronto!

I can’t thank all of you enough for sticking around and reading my posts each week, while offering up your enthusiasm with your comments, shares, and helping me to spread the word about my latest novel.

I will miss writing these posts each week. It seems like it was just yesterday, but I started on June 7th, (doubling up on sentences to catch up!) and for the past 31 weeks, I’ve doled out tidbits about Jessie Sasser, and her story – with NO spoilers. I’ll call that a success. 🙂

What I will also call a success is being able to share ARCS or finished copies of my novels with many of you.

Here are our past winners:

Linda Moffitt

Christine Davis

Tracy Wirick (twice! I tried to avoid duplicate winners, but it happened here.)

Jeanne Kennedy

Stella McKissick

Robin Batterson

Ruth Anne Brown

Rebecca Boothe

Tina Hottinger

Debbi Hicks

Verna Gass

Melissa Sullivan

Kathryn Barbaciewicz

Paige Peyton

Jane Block Beeman

Carla Suto

Michelle Lewis

Lori Frazier

Linda Keenan

Adriann Harris

Burma Turner

Arletta Boulter

Janet Smith

Mary Jane Coward

Carol Alscheff

Betty Downs

Lisa Dwyer

Jennifer Pittman Hendricks

Kelley Blair

And now, Lynn Russell and Nancy Frederick Timmerman!

I’ll still be around – sharing event pictures as I visit bookstores, book clubs, libraries, and wherever else I’ve been invited. I hope I get to meet some of YOU while I’m on book tour!

Thank you, thank you, if you pre-ordered a copy of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! Kensington was sponsoring the sweepstakes giveaway for the pre-orders, so I imagine they’ll announce the winner of the leather bound journal as soon as they are back from the holiday break.

If you haven’t done so already, (I can’t imagine that you haven’t!) add THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER to your Goodreads To Be Read list.

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