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First Sentence Fridays – THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! Free Book Friday –>THE FORGIVING KIND!

I hope all of you are having the summer you want! Vacations at the beach, mountains, or even a staycation. (sometimes the best) I’m just glad that heat wave is over with! Whew.

This week’s free book is THE FORGIVING KIND.  In order for a chance to win, all you have to do is comment and share my posts!

THE FORGIVING KIND by Donna Everhart

You can read the flap copy here. If you win a book, don’t forget to leave a review!  Also, I would love to see the winners post pics! 

Did you know there’s a song for this book? And artwork? It’s all a part of the Trio collection for 2019. Go here to listen to the song, written and sung by Bruce Greenwood, and to see the accompanying artwork by Nikki Kozak. Both of these pieces are stunning, and enrich the background of the story I wanted to tell. 

Now on to this week’s sentences for THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! (December 31, 2019, Kensington)


Last week I talked about the Alcohol Tax Unit (ATU) agents sent to Wilkes County, North Carolina in the 1950s to rid the county of its moonshine and to put the law breakers in jail. One thing I learned as I researched – the agents often couldn’t find the stills. They were so well hidden, and some of the hiding places were quite creative, therefore it often was a very difficult job. On top of that, they didn’t know the territory, and this made searches even complicated. Families were sometimes in competition, and would often be the ones to “inform,” on each other. Quite often it was the wife who would march down to the ATU office out of retaliation if her husband was caught to tell an agent everything he wanted to know about the other family. Women were often believed over men.

I found out is there was something almost like camaraderie between agents, moonshiners and bootleggers. They tried not to hurt one another. A bootlegger would often outwit, out drive, out maneuver agents who were after them, but if there were any close calls, rarely was gunfire exchanged. The ATU agents understood, to some extent, that these individuals didn’t think they were breaking the law, they were simply “minding their own business.” Despite this, moonshiners were caught, stills were discovered, and usually because of an informant.

Chapter 12

The still at Elk Creek was discovered by two agents in early June, nestled in a deep holler and surrounded by large rocks.


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  1. Your book sounds like a real page turner! The cover is Super Nice also!! Thank you for the chance!! Have a Great weekend! Take Care. God Bless you.

    1. Thank you Donna for the chance to win this book. I love Southern Fiction, and your books knock it out of the park! I pray that you’re doing better. God bless you.

  2. I read this one in may, forgot to do my review but went back yesterday and did it… on Goodreads and Amazon.

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