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August Wane

Already the sun is disappearing quicker and days are noticeably shorter.  You have noticed, haven’t you?

Our house faces north/northeast.  I love to open the blinds first thing in the morning and as I do, I pay attention to where the sunlight hits the walls, furniture and floor.  I think, soon, a patch of sunlight will fall here, then here, and eventually, it won’t shine there again until next year.  Of course, it will shift throughout the house and land somewhere, but it’s small things like this which mark another end of the season.  It just seems to happen faster in August.


Kids went back to school yesterday, or in some cases today.  Facebook is flooded with first days of this, or that.

Payton, first day of 3rd grade

Another summer of sleeping late and playing outside till dusk, gone.  Childhood rites of passage, i.e., the art of collecting lightning bugs, the thrill of camping outside, running full speed all day and feeding that youthful hunger later with hot dogs and s’mores roasted over a late summer night campfire, no more.  The refreshing, thrilling moments of swinging out over a cool lake on a rope swing time and again, barefoot walks through a field, eating watermelon, riding bikes to the corner store, only a dim recollection.  Everywhere, kids grin at parents (or scowl), with book bags slung over shoulders, sporting new shoes and shirts, fresh haircuts and scrubbed faces, while their younger siblings photobomb wanting to be part of the big day.

Vacation is over.

Already, migrations for some species of birds have begun.  Yesterday I was standing out on my sidewalk in the early morning, waiting on Little Dog to do his business.  I heard loud, raucous honking.  I looked up just in time to see a large flock of Canada geese fly overhead in perfect formation, and so, where’s my camera?  Inside.  I wished I could have snapped that photo.  It was impressive.

Canna lilies are bloomed out, our tomato plants, although still producing fairly well, have slowed, and the squash is long gone as is the watermelon vine.  (that was actually an overgrown disaster we won’t try again.)

Soon, it will be this:

Fall 2013

Then this:


And before we know it, this:


Just the other day someone said, “it’s only 18 weeks until Christmas!”  I’m fine, just fine with seasonal changes.  I’m actually glad we have them, but CHRISTMAS – in eighteen weeks?  That’s a bit much to handle.  I’m still in my outside on the porch frame of mind.  I’m still going on my runs in tank tops and shorts.  Wearing flip flops, smelling of suntan lotion, and enjoying the heat of the sun on top of my head while I work outside.  I’m still relishing the scent of roses, an errant magnolia bloom on our tree out front, and the sound of cicadas late evenings.

In other words, I’m still in a summertime frame of mind.

Aren’t you?

20 thoughts on “August Wane”

  1. I don’t want to wish away time but I can’t wait for the heat to be gone and cool crisp air to replay it. I can’t wait for the color and even the eventual fall to gray, heat to drone and the fireplace to blaze. I like winter. Only 18 weeks ’til Christmas, bring it on, lets celebrate with hot chocolate.

    1. Ha, believe it or not, I do too, less than spring/summer, but yeah, seasonal changes are fine. I don’t relish a cold wet morning and standing outside for Little Dog then. Good thing he likes it less than me. This year, I think I’ll do like last, and decorate the house BEFORE Thanksgiving. It worked out well, and the family enjoyed it. The dining room was Thanksgiving themed, but the rest of the house? Santa ready!

  2. Yes, yes I am! I want to keep warmth and flip flops at least! I came home from the first day of school yesterday and fell asleep for an hour, only to find my day was about done when I awoke. That sucks after months of seemingly endless days. (Hmmm….that’s actually a book title!)

    1. I thought of you, Jennine, when I wrote part of this post! I have lots and lots of teacher friends here. And I have to say, I feel SO BAD for them when they go back – some a week ago for the pre-student arrival teacher prep days. Every year, over and over we go through this, but it still makes me feel melancholy!

  3. The weather has already turned cool and less humid here (unusual) so I’m not hoping for the end of summer like I usually do. I would love to live perpetually in October.

    If I start seeing Christmas stuff in town, I’ll just have to stop going to town! 😉

    1. Booooo on Christmas stuff out too early!!! Every time I see it before Halloween (thank you Wal-Mart) I get irritated. Like, quit rushing me!

      And, I swear Teri, the only reason I’m happy for cooler weather? Maybe my hot flashes will settle down. 🙂 Is that under the category of TMI?

  4. Donna, you mention Canada Geese and even show a picture of Maple Leaves…and it makes your Canadian Buddy miss you even more! Maybe you’re really just in a Canadian state of mind….one day it would be nice to show you how Fall looks up here!

    1. Ginger!!! I’m glad you dropped a comment in. You know, I still have your # saved on my phone, so we’ll have to catch up soon. I’d love to come to Canada again. Sigh. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a chance one of these days! Blaine is always talking about going fly fishing in various spots and Canada’s on his “bucket list.” 🙂

  5. As the child of a professor and having many Jewish friends growing up, autumn has always been the time of the new year in my heart. I find myself ready for the changes, and have been glad of the sun not coming up by 5:20 a.m. (I read not long ago there is SAD – seasonal affective disorder – in summertime as well as winter; that too much light causes some people a similar distress as too little.)

    Summer being the season of eczema, and having to go untreated this year (I was faced with the choice of taking care of my home, or taking care of my body), I don’t mind the prospect of sleeves, and sweaters, and the “new” wardrobe of seasonal clothes.

    Best autumnal wishes to you , Donna! “Happy New Year!”

    (… too soon … ?) 😉

    1. Many of my family and friends are ready too. My husband’s side of the family are all from Ohio – well most of them except my father in law who is from Mississippi. Either way, they’re all HOT. All the time. As soon as the weather guy says it’s going above 80, they sweat. My mother is from Maine, and though she’s been down here for over 50 years, she prefers fall/winter.

      I hate to hear that. The choices we have to make sometimes are difficult when it comes to household or health. Recently my mom had to decide should she get her car fixed or buy her medications. Obviously we helped her get the car done, but when you’re on your own, it’s tough.

      And YES, too soon!!! Boooo! Don’t rush me!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Susan! I’m still a bit shocked we will be entering September tomorrow, as well as the likelihood of seeing CHRISTMAS at WalMart in the next week or so.

  6. What a beautifully written post, Donna. And your kid is the cutest: I love him. I hope he’ll have a great time at school. 😀

    Here there are basically two seasons: summer and winter.

    September and October are wonderful. The weather is still warm, and the air is still soft, but it’s not as crazily hot and humid as it is in August (for the most part).

    The Jewish New Year starts next week. I get to tell people twice a year: Happy New Year. It makes perfect sense to me. I was never great in math. 😉

    PS I deactivated my FB account, but I’ll be back. Lurking on Janet’s blog lately, I miss interacting with you and all the lovely commenters.

    1. Hi Lilac…I’d noticed you’ve been “missing” for a while. It’s good sometimes to go off the grid so to speak, isn’t it? I de-activated my fb a while back and have to say it was sort of refreshing….but with the idea that social media is “the way” to promote oneself nowadays, I fired it back up.

      Btw – that’s my GRANDSON!!! Are you shocked? 🙂

      But, yes, I think he’s very cute too. And we have a little sister now, Abigail – who is 7 months old today.

      Happy to hear from you!

      1. Hi Donna (waving at you)…I am truly SHOCKED!!! You look like a kid. It’s so hard to believe that he is your grandson. 😀

        I remember seeing him holding Abigail in a picture on FB. How adorable they are. What an amazing family!

        As for social media, you are absolutely right. You will probably see me again on FB very soon. 🙂

        Happy to hear from you, too!

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