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Cover and Title Reveal!

Hello, readers,

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Here is the new cover and title of my next book, WHEN THE JESSAMINE GROWS, (Release date is January 23, 2024)!
When The Jessamine Grows by Donna Everhart

I think it’s stunning, evocative, and is soaked in that beautiful Southern vibe. Did you know that the Carolina Jessamine is South Carolina’s state flower? (hello, to our neighbors down there) The jessamine doesn’t know a thing about state lines. ???? I captured these images of it growing in beautiful abundance about a block away from my house. It’s the perfect metaphor for my main character, Joetta McBride. The plant is described in most gardening books as “hardy” and “tolerant.” That’s my character to a “t!” ????

Here is the back of the book/flap copy description:

From one of the most powerful and authentic voices in Southern fiction comes a historical novel with an unforgettable heroine—the extraordinary Joetta McBride, who defiantly opens her North Carolina home and farm to soldiers from both sides during the Civil War.


Talk of impending war is a steady drumbeat throughout North Carolina, though Joetta McBride pays it little heed. The small farm she tends with her husband, Ennis, and their two sons provides all they need. Those who want to fight can fight, but Joetta considers her family to be neutral.


That opinion isn’t shared by Joetta’s father-in-law, Rudean. A staunch Confederate supporter, he fills his grandsons’ heads with stories about the glories of soldiering, and insists that owning land and slaves is the only measure of success. When fifteen-year-old Henry, impressed by his grandfather’s stories, runs off to volunteer, Joetta insists Ennis go and search for him.


Weeks pass without word from either father or son, though other soldiers pass the farm, growing ever gaunter and hungrier. Joetta offers food and shelter to all, regardless of which uniform they wear. Her actions are deemed treasonous by townsfolk and the Home Guard, but Joetta won’t be swayed. After all, the wealthy find ways to stay away from battle. Why should poor men suffer and die on their behalf?


Though shunned and struggling, Joetta remains committed to her principles, and to her belief that her family will survive. But the greatest tests are still to come, for a fractured nation and for Joetta and those she loves . . .

I can’t wait to share more with you about this story. Mark your calendars – I start my First Sentence Fridays to introduce this book June 16th!????????



22 thoughts on “Cover and Title Reveal!”

  1. Stephanie Graveson

    The cover is gorgeous…but we have to wait SO LONG for it to come out! I don’t know if I can be that patient!

    1. It does seem like a long time away – but given the way the months in this year are flying by – it’ll be here before we (I) know it! 🙂

      1. Stephanie Belcher

        Oh My Goodness! We have another winner!! So excited…waiting patiently to Pre-Order ❤

  2. I love everything about this!! The gorgeous cover, the wonderful title, and a story and characters that I know will be amazing!!!

  3. Beverly M Turner

    Gorgeous cover! And I had never heard of Carolina Jessamine. (But then I live in Kentucky.) Story premise sounds like another winner. Can’t wait to read it!

    1. I’d never heard of it either, but I’ve looked at this vine for years and never knew what it was called! It might be in your area – or a member of the same flowering vine family. (Jasmine) Looking forward to everyone reading!

  4. The cover is gorgeous and I CANNOT wait to read it. I know it will be fabulous.

    1. I really love this cover so much – and I can’t wait for everyone to read!

  5. This looks wonderful, Donna! Love the cover, and already know the story is gripping and full of surprises. Readers won’t be able to put it down, seriously.

  6. I am so very excited for this book and congratulations to you! I do have a question, how is the word “Jessamine” pronounced? Some southerners say it like, “Jasmine,” and yet I would assume it’s, “Jess-ah-mean,” or “Jess-ah-min.” Any suggestions or insight from your research?

      1. Donna? Connie from Erwin here, I have runners of confederate jasmine on deck , but do not look much like these and not vivid yellow. Are they same family?

        Just loaned 2 of your books to bestie in SC, she’d read “education…” But took moonshiner’s home!

        Great choice for old south name as flowers used throughout culture for girl child.

        Inspired by your topics and wish were taught in more public school systems, the dual struggle of civil war, family against family etc.

        Keep up good work. diff thought
        (Just finished 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE) 2nd read of…

        1. Hi Connie – yes, the Carolina Jessamine is part of the jasmine family for sure – I’ve seen several varieties of these plants, all part of the same family, but slightly different looking.

          Thanks so much for sharing my books out with your reading friend!

          I have to think there were many families like the McBrides in this story who wanted to stay out of the fray, but to do so was so dangerous.

          I hope you enjoyed 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE – I’ve not read that one.

  7. Donna, just read an early copy of this book. It’s fantastic, and a compelling read! Sent in my review to Kensington Books and Edelweiss. I review for Fiction Addition in Greenville, SC.

    1. Hey there – I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you for reading the early version (in all it’s messy glory – haha). And, those early reviews help SO much! Thank you for that! ????

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