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Extra Post – Unfathomable Situation

This is an unexpected post…yet again, we have been dealt a blow in relation to one of our beloved Yorkies.

As many of you know, Bella, who had just turned 12 was put to sleep on August 2nd due to end stage Chronic Renal Failure, a diagnosis that was delivered on July 18th.

Yesterday, I took my other Yorkie, Kiwi, who just turned 11 to the vet, concerned about HER lethargic behavior.  We believed it could be due to her knowing Bella was sick, and then,  that she was missing her.  I wish that were true.  Kiwi too, has now been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure.  We have gone immediately to IV fluids.  I will not know the prognosis for whether she will fare better than Bella until blood work tomorrow morning.   We can barely get our heads around this.

Any pet owners who read this – you must be aware, you MUST know what I now believe to be the cause of this in my two pets.   Google “jerky treats causes kidney failure” and you will see an internet running rampant with news about it – as late as May of 2012.  All major news outlets, ABC, NBC, CBS as well as other sites like have information on Waggin Train Jerky treats.   (Canyon Creek and Milo’s Kitchen have been called into question as well)  The FDA is investigating.  Needless to say, I filed my report with them this morning.

If you care to have the email I have crafted to be shared with pet owners who should be made aware, who need to know so they can make an informed decision, just comment below and I will forward it to you.  It is my personal story, but maybe someone else you know, somewhere, will benefit.

And please, pray for Kiwi…pray that her prognosis will give her a little bit more time, a little bit more quality of life than we were able to achieve for Bella.


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    1. It is totally heartbreaking…for the both of them. Thank you J.D.
      P.S. your comment on Betsy’s blog made me LOL – a much needed chuckle…

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