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FINAL First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday for WHEN THE JESSAMINE GROWS!

Hello readers,

Can you believe it?

This is the final First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday! Thank you all for making my efforts fun and interesting. I appreciate every one who commented, or just stopped by to see what I had to say. I hope you enjoyed these past eight months (!) as much as I did!

This week there there will be TWO winners, and those winners will get a signed finished copy of When the Jessamine Grows! They just arrived this past Saturday, and they’re really stunning. The title, my name, and the jessamine flowers are embossed, and the pages are deckled edge. And of course, we all know that cover art was already swoon-worthy, but it’s even more so to me. These winners will also get an item or two of the story-related swag. 🐦‍⬛📚🎉


NOTE, for website blog commenters only: When you answer the question in the comments area, (how you get the chance to win a book) be sure to add your name at the bottom because some of you are showing up as Anonymous.


When I looked at the final sentence for this week, I thought of long-time reader of the blog here, Susan Peterson, who made an observation early on in these posts. It was something about whether or not I thought about my first sentences as I write – knowing I’m going to introduce them here. This was a very astute observation, and this week’s sentence is a perfect example of why. Sometimes a sentence tells us NOTHING. I mean nothing and is so average, I stare at it going, now what?

I’m left with the dilemma what can I say about it? Not much. Not without giving away spoilers. I will say this; Joetta has been presented with an idea, and it’s so beyond her belief, she can’t decide what to make of it. How many times have you ever said, “Well, I really don’t know what to think,” or some variation of that? There are countless reasons why we might respond this way. Sometimes it’s simply because we need more time to consider pros/cons, or the consequences.


Chapter 32

Joetta did not know what to think.



To win a signed copy of an ARC, and some story related swag, share the last time you had something happen, and you either felt like this, or had that thought. It can be over something simple! I have an example I’ll share. My husband brought home a bag of coffee one day for us to try. Well, we loved it. So he went to the store and almost bought them out. 🤭About a month later, it came time to get more and he bought (many) more bags. As is the case, news of a good thing gets around. Next time we ran out, I went to get it. None to be found. I went to another location. No luck. I asked the person working the counter if they had any in the back, and her reaction was, “is it that good?” I looked over my shoulder at the empty shelf, and then back at her. “I guess so.” There was none in the back and she said she didn’t know when they’d get it again. And, I sure didn’t know what to think about that. 😏



Unsure if you want to pre-order? Read the first 50 (or so) pages for free in this special excerpt! Hopefully, it will encourage your fingers (or legs!) to pre-order a copy. It helps so much!📚😊



Pre-orders gauge the interest and signal to the publisher readers are eager for an author’s work! Please consider pre-ordering because it really does help! If you’re holding out because you might win an ARC or a finished copy, remember you can always give away the extra as a gift to one of your reader friends. 📚

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13 thoughts on “FINAL First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday for WHEN THE JESSAMINE GROWS!”

  1. When my son was a pre teen, I remember how his answers to my questions were usually one word replies. Having a give & take conversation was not an often occurence.
    These days, when asking my preteen grandson how his day was at school, I am reminded of that time.
    Usually, my grandson, answers with one word replies.
    “Here we go again,” I think to myself.
    Is it just the age or is it their personality?
    These days, my son doesn’t say a whole lot, unless it’s a topic of conversation that he’s passionate about, like football or eating healthy.
    I guess my grandson will be the same.
    Or maybe, I am just a chatterbox?

    1. It’s funny because my grandson is the same! One word replies, usually. On the other hand, my son would talk MY ear off, and is still that way to this day. I love it.

  2. When it 2020 everything got shut down. I’m a photographer and all my weddings got postponed. That was my main source of income. I didn’t know if that would be it for my business I worked so hard to build. It was a scary time, but with a lot of “I don’t know what to think” questions.

      1. I get it totally. I had a book launching that year – fortunately Zoom stepped up, and that was that. For you, on the other hand, it was face to face, and no way around it. I imagine you DID have many of those days. Hopefully, your business is back in full swing!

  3. Well…I actually DO know what to think for once! I think Congratulations! What a journey you’ve already been on bringing this story to life, and what a literal journey you’re about to start on as you take it to so many states, so many readers. You’ve done a wonderful job and I’m so proud with and for you!

  4. when I got married my husband was being a jokester and when minister asked if he was ready to take me as his wife he said cam I think about it. then he burst out laughing. I certainly wasn’t sure what to think.
    Teresa Bawa

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