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First Sentence Friday!

Here we are, time for another little teaser!



Mama was repeating her apology over and over.


Don’t the shorter, more cryptic sentences drive you crazy?  I hope so.  🙂

the education of dixie dupree

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10 thoughts on “First Sentence Friday!”

  1. It’s working, Donna! I must know everything NOW. Please have mercy on me… 😉 <3 <3 <3

    1. Too funny Lilac! I guess like John Frain said in another comment, I’m being cruel! But hopefully in a good way! 😉 >3 >3 >3

    1. Hee! (as our Diane would say) Oct 25th, pre-orders start shipping. If it’s any consolation, it’s bothering me even – I want to keep feeding ya’ll more after I type the sentence out. 😉

  2. I have an admission to make. I am trying to break an addiction. I am a Serial Sentence Complicator. If I write a nice short sentence I have to find ways to fuck it up. There are too many ways to to that to try to even mention any. With luck, practice and critically reading sentences like this I will be able to sideline my addictive tendencies and progress in my quest to be a good writer.

    Your first sentences have helped. So has flash fiction. Thank you.

    P.S.: Father’s day sucks, doesn’t it?

  3. We all have those writerly tics. Serial Sentence Complicator, that gave me a chuckle. I’m prone to repeating myself. As in I will write a descriptive scene, and then two pages later? I’ve written about that flattened grass, washed over by flood waters – AGAIN. Differently, but AGAIN.

    Yes to the FF helping – it helps us all! And you’ve been getting mentions – so you’re definitely getting into your groove.

    Yeah, Father’s Day is a tough one for those of us sans Dad, but it must be doubly tough when it’s a reversed situation, so to speak. Thoughts/prayers are with you.

  4. Yes! The short sentences are intriguing and very suspenseful. I’m going to pay far more attention to my opening sentences in revision from here on out. I’d say your sentences drive me crazy, but, well, that’s a short trip, and I don’t want to discount your skill!
    : )

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