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First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday!!!

Hello readers!

Welcome to this week’s installment of First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday!  For the foreseeable future, the free book is a signed Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of When the Jessamine Grows. ????

Something I always worry about when it comes to the First Sentence Fridays are spoilers. I waffle when I see a sentence for the week with some sort of detail that gets me thinking, is this going to ruin the story? I try to be careful not to do that to you! With that in mind, I’m blocking out the name of a character in this week’s sentence. It makes me feel better to do this than to take the chance of sharing something that could give away what’s happening and something you’d see as a spoiler.

Mr. McBride and Joetta share a fractious, and challenging relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed creating him and writing about their disputes over their position on the war, and many other minor day-to-day events. They don’t see eye to eye and the friction between them is part of what propels this story. But like all good characters, every now and again the one you want to knock upside the head has a bright moment, and they do something unexpected.


Chapter 20

A few evenings later, Mr. McBride explained how he had managed to get X to return.



For this week’s chance to win a signed ARC of When the Jessamine Grows, what story have you read lately where a character you loved to hate acted in an unexpected way? Here’s one for me, I’m listening to CARRIE SOTO IS BACK (which is, of course, BRILLIANT) and one of her competitors does something so nice and unexpected. (no name due to spoiler potential!)

*** Full disclosure, sometimes trying to figure out what to ask you all is hard! ????

P.S. Try not give any spoilers when you answer the question if you can help it!   ????

P.P. S. Add your name when you comment because several of you are coming up as Anonymous and I don’t have any way to tell who you are. ????



Pre-orders gauge the interest and signal to the publisher readers are eager for an author’s work! Please consider pre-ordering because it really does help! If you’re holding out because you might win an ARC or a finished copy, remember you can always give away the extra as a gift to one of your reader friends. ????

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4 thoughts on “First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday!!!”

  1. I recently read Bright Lights, Big Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews and at first I didn’t like the brother but as the story went on he behaved better and in the end he was a good guy.
    Doris Lankford

  2. This is easy. Harlem Coben has a character named Win, a wealthy, arrogant, obtuse man, who thankfully lies to his buddy, saying he’s in Thailand, when he’s actually inNYC and has Simon Bolitar’s back when most needed.

  3. I will try to do this without spoiling! I am currently reading The River We Remember by William Kent Krueger. There is a character who I considered selfish and self absorbed and thought that she was going to disclose information that she had learned about another character. Fortunately, she did not. Instead she went to the person and suggested that they disclose the information themselves. It changed my mind about her!

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