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First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday! - Donna Everhart

Donna Everhart

First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday!

Hello readers,


Welcome to this week’s installment of First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday! The free book is a signed Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of When the Jessamine Grows and an item or two of the story-related swag as pictured here! 📚🎉



NOTE, for website blog commenters only: When you answer the question in the comments area, (how you get the chance to win a book) be sure to add your name at the bottom because some of you are showing up as Anonymous.


It’s the middle of the night and you’re awake – for some reason. Maybe out of nowhere your brain has taken you back twenty or thirty years ago, and now you’re pondering on some less than appropriate thing you said back then. Or, you’re worrying about what’s going on as soon as you get up. Or, you’re too tired to sleep. (that seems strange, but it happens)

As you might imagine, even those who lived one hundred and sixty+ years ago also had trouble sleeping sometimes. Personally? I think it was these beds I showed you all back at the beginning of these posts. How could this be comfortable? (Notice the “chamber pot” below? Now actually, that might be a good idea. 😉)


In all seriousness, while in many ways, their worries were much different from ours, as humans who’ve lived and loved, we’ll always have similar points in time where the concerns of yesteryear match those of today, and for Joetta, so much has happened. What you will come to know about Joetta when you get to read the book, is that she’s not only “hardy” and “tolerant,” she’s also practical, caring and most of all loving. She’s a sensitive individual who wants only for those she loves to be happy. She herself wants to be happy. When will this war ever end?


Chapter 31

Joetta awoke early, her sleep disturbed and unsatisfactory.



To win a signed copy of an ARC, and some story related swag, are you a problematic sleeper, or do you fall asleep, and not wake up until your alarm goes off? I consider myself a good sleeper, Periodically I’ll have those nights where I lie awake thinking about things that don’t matter, but other than that, I go to bed, read a bit, fall asleep (quickly!) and usually don’t get up until I have to. Don’t hate me. 😂



Now you can read an excerpt of When the Jessamine Grows in this special Sneak Peek Kindle version! Hopefully, it will encourage your fingers (or legs!) to pre-order a copy. 📚😊

Unsure if you want to pre-order? Read the first 50 (or so) pages for free and find out! Go to one of these sites to download (in e-book formats only):


Barnes & Noble

Rakuten Kobo



Pre-orders gauge the interest and signal to the publisher readers are eager for an author’s work! Please consider pre-ordering because it really does help! If you’re holding out because you might win an ARC or a finished copy, remember you can always give away the extra as a gift to one of your reader friends. 📚

Pre-order links for your convenience:

Kensington Publishing Corporation

Barnes & Noble




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17 thoughts on “First Sentence Friday and Free Book Friday!”

  1. I usually have trouble falling, and staying, asleep. Some nights it’s 6 am until I fall asleep. Thank goodness for books!
    -Judy Hawk- (Pennsylvania Judy 😉)

    1. Hi Pennsylvania Judy! 🙂

      Oh my. You sound like my husband who has trouble. He falls asleep quick, but doesn’t stay asleep. Most times he wakes up around midnight, and then is up until 5 a.m., i.e. about the time we need to get up!

  2. I used to be able to sleep 9 hours straight. Now I sometimes have problems falling asleep and staying asleep.

    1. I feel fortunate, but I think there are more like you than like me. 😉 (not that that’s any help!)

  3. I have horrible insomnia. I’ve had it since I was nine years old. I go to sleep around midnight then wake around 1:39-2 and toss the rest of the night. It’s absolutely horrible.

  4. I can be a problem sleeper sometimes – just can’t turn off my brain and have the most random thoughts! Maybe a glass of red wine would help! 🍷😉

  5. I am a terrible sleeper. I have weird dreams. Then I wake up and start thinking about my day. It’s hard to go back to sleep. Plus, I am a pillow flipper even though I own a “cooling” pillow!

      1. Is this you, Mary Jane, the pillow flipper? 😂 I had a feeling there were going to be more of the “can’t sleep!” folks out here when I decided to ask this question. You’re in the majority!

  6. I sleep rather quickly, stay asleep 5-6 hours. Those are the best nights. Sometimes my nights are broken up. The night before I put my book down ready to sleep but couldn’t. Rae Lynn was in a predicament and I could sleep leaving her there
    Margaret Given

      1. Oooo, you had me wondering WHICH predicament this was! (she had a few. 😉 ) While I brag about my good sleep habits, there are nights here and there where I wake up around 2’ish. If it’s that early, I’ll read. Works every time.

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