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First Sentence Friday Chapter 22 Postponed Till Next Week!

Sometimes you have so many irons in the fire, you just can’t get it all together. Thursdays are usually the days I write up and edit my post for my First Sentence Fridays – but today? I couldn’t make it happen. I have an unexpected deliverable, and found myself swallowed up by it for most of the day and will be working on it over the weekend.

So, next week I will post two sentences for Chapters 22 and 23.

(Also, tomorrow I go pick up my Southeastern Library Association award. I’m excited about that!)

Till next week . . .


4 thoughts on “First Sentence Friday Chapter 22 Postponed Till Next Week!”

  1. Congratumalations. I went looking to see if this was the award that get you on Oprah, but the SELA website doesn’t look like it has been updated since 2016. I am still in the dark.

    Sorry to leave you hanging last week. It seems to me that if you are writing about people in the foothills long enough you would end up with a goal digger or two. I would never want that song on the other website. That site is for us to affirm our love for you and try to make you laugh, at least to spew your coffee.

    I’ll send you an email with an outline. You can hang onto it forever, if you so wish. I think it would fit that bubble in time you are writing about. It doesn’t really work in my bubble in time.

    1. I can’t decide where it’s best to share news all around about stuff like that – I thought Instagram was the answer, but not always. If I do a post out here it’s shared on FB, Twitter, Tumblr – but not Instagram. Then sometimes I forget and simply share on FB then act like everyone is supposed to know what the heck I’m talking about. Either way, the website is supposed to get updated soon. It’s a biennial award.

      Yes, two of my books are in the mountains of NC. (one comes out in 2020) The other two are not, but either way, if you got a song you think is fitting, I’m all ears. 🙂

  2. Micki splashed her award front and center on her blog. She is, however, from somewhere like Vegas and they make a big splash of everything. In other words, I can’t say for sure either. Maybe Kensington’s PR people have an idea.

    Songs about books set in the mountains.

    If it is coal country:

    The Mountain by Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band

    Never Leave Harlan Alive either by Patti Loveless or Ms. Friedman(both are worth a listen)

    If it isn’t coal country:

    Great High Mountain by Jack White(off of the Cold Mountain Soundtrack

    Wayfaring Stranger by Jack White

    Rank Stranger by the Stanley Brothers

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