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First Sentence Fridays and FREE BOOK Friday!

Hello reader friends! The days are going as fast as our disappearing daylight. It’s Friday again!

Can you tell I have a lot of love for the longleaf pine trees?  This strange looking LONG photo was taken with the intention of showing how TALL a longleaf pine actually is, and here you can see me . . . well, hugging my “old friend.” (???? I’m literally bringing back and once again making popular the phrase, “tree hugger.” I think if you click on it, it might enlarge the photo a bit)

All last week I walked among these beautiful giants while at Weymouth Center.

Longleaf forest

A true bonus was finding many old scarred “turpentine trees.” Look closely (click on picture) and you can see the marks made in the area where the bark is trying to grow back together. Once you read the book, you will understand these marks and the term, “catface.”

This work was probably done one hundred years ago.

It’s a shame I couldn’t be in this place  . . .

. . . as I wrote The Saints of Swallow Hill, but that’s okay! I believe I captured the magic of the pine forest with thanks to many (many) other people who share and have shared this same love. These ancient tracts of old (or round) timber would not exist today if not for the Boyd family and their early conservation.

But, I made great progress on my next book.???? On to this week’s sentence!


Chapter 24

Rae Lynn

Rae Lynn knew when to count her blessings.



For a chance to win an ARC of The Saints of Swallow Hill this week. . .

Spot the mistake I made in LAST WEEK’S post! Quite honestly, I didn’t notice it until days later. ????

One winner who correctly guesses the mistake will be randomly selected and announced Monday! (And I hope I didn’t make this too hard.)



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Are you a NetGalley reviewer? The Saints of Swallow Hill is available for request! I’ve started seeing a few reviews. It’s so exciting to read what people are saying about the book!


Last, but not least, don’t forget to:

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