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First Sentence Fridays and FREE BOOK Friday!

The weeks are flying by! We’re more than a third of the way into the book, and once again, it’s Friday – actually, lucky Friday the 13th! 

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In turpentine camps, the woods riders as you’ve come to learn, were the boss men who rode horses and kept tally of the quotas assigned to the various different jobs. Oftentimes a camp had more than one woodsman depending on the size. In The Saints of Swallow Hill there are three. One by the name of Elijah Sweeney, a.k.a. “Crow,” Jim Ballard, and Crow’s cohort, Woodall.

Woods rider – overseeing laborers in a turpentine camp.

All workers, boss men and laborers alike, faced dangerous conditions, and other environmental factors causing sickness or disease, and sometimes death. In The Saints of Swallow Hill, the death of one woods rider will have a significant impact on all the characters, and where the story goes.



Chapter 14

Rae Lynn

Rae Lynn and the rest of the work hands watched as the fallen woods rider was trundled away, his boots rocking back and forth as the wagon rolled along the path, giving the illusion of life still within.



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Tell me, what was the first book you ever read that had some sort of impact on you? Examples:

  • Was it the first book you ever picked up, unsure if you’d even like reading, (what???) and found you were hooked? (I recently met a woman who just fell in love with reading and she’s in her 70s!)
  • Maybe you read a book where a character felt a particular way about an important topic, and it altered your own POV.
  • Maybe it was a book that swayed you into a genre you didn’t think you’d enjoy.

My book impact moment was The Yearling, by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. I read it when I was eleven, and it was the first book that made me cry – and I don’t mean tears sliding down my cheeks, I mean sobbing to the point my mother came into my room to check on me. 🙂 It was then I realized the powerful emotions a story could cause. Drop your comments here or out on FB!

A winner will be announced by Monday evening!




Are you a NetGalley reviewer? The Saints of Swallow Hill is available for request! I’ve started seeing a few reviews. It’s so exciting to read what people are saying about the book!


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9 thoughts on “First Sentence Fridays and FREE BOOK Friday!”

  1. The book that first left an impact on me was Lord of the Flies and I’m sure we all can understand why. Such a powerful, brutal, honest book.

    1. I haven’t read the book, but I remember watching the movie with my brother when I was about 8 or 9, and I recall crying when “Piggy” died.

  2. I picked up the book The Clan of the CaveBear and I loved it, I read the whole series and for the last book in the series I waited about 5 years before it came out, and I was so very glad that I patiently waited for it. Have a great weekend and stay safe. your book sounds like a great read.

    1. The first book I remember having an impact on me was Little House In The Big Woods. I loved reading about Laura and her family. I read them all 🙂

  3. The Nightingale had an impact on me. When I first read it, I had read very little historical fiction. From then on, I was hooked.

    1. I thought I was replying to you and I guess I commented to myself – I’ve heard a lot about that book and have never read it!

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