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First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 31

I don’t like to use the word hate, but in this case it applies. I hate arguing. If I’m having a disagreement with someone, all I want to do is “fix” whatever has gone wrong. I want whatever caused the problem to go away. I wish for a rewind, a reset, and if things aren’t resolved in a fairly short amount of time, it’s like being sick – without the symptoms – although I have felt physically ill depending on who is involved.

I try and avoid conflict as best as I can, sometimes to the point of backing down, even if I think (or know) I’m right, but not all disagreements can be avoided. It’s the way human interaction works, it can’t be all blue skies and fluffy clouds. There are emotional thunderstorms.

(Funny, I don’t mind watching strangers get into a fracas – actually that’s sort of entertaining watching from afar the irate gestures, while listening to colorful language – unless somebody is obviously in great distress and/or being abused.)

Growing up, if my parents happened to get into a fight, I would get so upset that on more than one occasion, Mom found me in my bedroom, crying. I wasn’t used to it because they rarely had disagreements, so when they did, it was like my whole world was falling apart.


Sonny isn’t used to arguing either, not with an upbringing that was mostly carefree and happy. It never occurred to her how much could change in so little time as she comes to understand her sense of peace and well-being are no longer assured.


Chapter 31

A thump came from their bedroom, along with raised voices.

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4 thoughts on “First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 31”

  1. We are so much alike when it comes to avoiding conflict. I’m a wave-smoother, too. I just want everyone to play nice, ya know? This is why I avoid the comments section on political posts. Makes me physically ill to read.

    Reading this line makes me anxious all over again. You’ve done such a fantastic job of creating believable characters that we care about. I just read a review of This I Know where a reader said she wanted to punch a couple of the characters. That’s how I felt about Mr. Fowler. Although I wanted to slap mama a time or two to bring her to her senses. So much for conflict-aversion. haha

    1. I do know. Avoidance is my key to not stirring the pot!

      That sentence “slap Mama” makes me think of that phrase down here, “slap yo mama good.” Meaning it’s so good you could . . . well, you get the idea. Ha! Reviews are coming – slowly. So slowly. Sigh.

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