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I’m Ready For Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving and after a productive week, I’ve set the writing aside. Now, I’m in the kitchen because tomorrow we will host our families for the traditional dinner.  We recognize with gratefulness, the fact we still have our parents, our brothers and sisters, nephews, our children and grandchild.   We will miss and think of Eric, my brother in law who took his life on Valentine’s Day, in 2009.

As well, an unexpected appendicitis attack for one nephew resulted in an ambulance ride, and then surgery.  He has spent a painful morning in the hospital, which may mean Thanksgiving at home in bed, and a “care package” of Thanksgiving dinner sent by way of his grandparents.

The view from my windows is gray and dreary from the weather system causing so many traffic problems – on the road and in the air, and this makes the kitchen look like it is glowing with a warm golden light.  At the moment I am making the dressing from a recipe shared with me by my mother in law who said it had been passed down through generations.  The smell of onion, celery and sage is in the air and later will come the concoction of “Five Cup Salad,” which, let’s be honest is really “Ten Cup Salad,” because I will double the recipe.  The spiral ham is waiting in the fridge beside the two turkey’s, one to be smoked, the other roasted.  The rest of the menu is planned, with desserts being brought by family.

The wine is chilling and the table arrangements arrived yesterday, a lovely blend of fall colors that added the right spark.


A last minute cleaning for the rest of the house later on today will wrap it all up.

I am so very thankful for all that we have.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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  1. It is the day after and I am finally getting to check in. So sorry I missed your shindig. Ours was grand. We have much to be thankful for, including the eight quart pot of turkey soup we will be living on for a few days. Love and peace.

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