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I got a new camera for Christmas.  My husband can’t stand to see me struggle over anything, and although I never complain, there must be a look.  A frustrated glaring at whatever device I’m mangling into some modicum of acceptable performance.

For instance, he gave me a new Dell All In One about a 18 months ago.

“I got tired of watching you squint over that ten year old laptop.”

He gave me a camera a couple Christmases ago too. He said, “it’s not an expensive one, but I thought it would be better than what you were using.”

Only, I would try to take pictures of my favorite subjects – the moon.   Dang it.  Blurry.


A sunrise or sunset.  Dang it.  Blurry.


Miss Priss.  Payton.  The camera was slow, and I remember trying so hard to get the perfect shot of Miss Priss eating her cake when she turned 1.  In this case there was likely frustrated declarations, “Argh!  I missed it!  Argh!  It’s blurry!  Come on Payton, just one more.  I got to get a good picture of you and Abigail.  Argh, it’s orangey!  Oh well.”



Sure, there were some good shots too.  Like this.


And this.  (I only took about 50 to get this one)


Still, it could have been better.

As usual, my husband heard, and he acted.  This year, he gave me a whizz bang camera that, at the moment, is smarter than Stephen Hawking – or at least I think it is when I stare at all the buttons, and the two different lenses, and the VIDEO TAPE that came with it to tell me how to manage it.

It’s a Nikon.  As he put it, “A nice camera.”

I’m going to love it – once I know what to do with it.



7 thoughts on “Kodachrome”

  1. I’m glad that your husband gave you a new camera for Christmas, Donna! You are a very talented photographer, and you take amazing pictures. And what a treat to see Abigail and Payton again…I LOVE them! Enjoy your new camera, and please share more pictures with us soooon.<3 <3 <3

    1. I’m glad I got a new one too, Lilac! It’s a little complicated – you should see the settings/picture information it shows me. I swear it’s like looking at the cockpit dashboard of a 747 or something. Lots and lots of info. Don’t worry – once I get the hang of it – I won’t even have to type anything. I can just post pics. 😉

  2. … and “Donna don’t take my Kodachrome, Donna don’t take my Kodachrome, Donna don’t take my Kodachrome away-yi-yi-yay-yay” also works REALLY well as a personal lyric for you to hum as you learn …

    1. Oh my word. I have to say, ever since I posted Paul Simon’s song here, I’ve found it in my head more than I want. But it’s a great song. I’ve always loved him/his music and when he was with Garfunkel too, of course.

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