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Let’s Celebrate!!!

It’s finally here!

Today is Women’s Fiction Day, a special day created by the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association in honor of this top selling genre that typically stays near the top of Amazon charts.

Last week, in the post on June 1st, I explained what makes a story women’s fiction, so this week, it’s all about how to win this fun bundle/gift set I’ve put together for one lucky reader!

One thing I love almost as much as books is  . . . ☕ (coffee) So, I chose to give away a $15.00 gift card to Starbucks. ????

What’s included:

  • Signed/personalized copy of THE SAINTS OF SWALLOW HILL
  • Pine cone necklace and earrings, (I’ve been wearing similar jewelry to my events!)
  • $15 Starbucks gift card 
  • Dear Reader letter
  • Themed recipe card (for water pie – it’s in the book!)
  • Themed quote card
  • Bookmarks!


How to win!!!

Comment on this post and tell me what it is about women’s fiction you enjoy. Is it the journey of the character, is it seeing that character succeed after man setbacks or failures, is it learning something new, or inspiring, or . . . what?

One winner will be chosen and announced by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning! Good luck everyone!

21 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!!!”

  1. I love womens fiction because I love reading about strong women who bounce back after adversity.

    1. I love when a female character is dealt a life altering setback and comes our a better, stronger woman for it. When she can learn a “man’s ” skill and is better at it than any man, that’s amazing!!

  2. I love to see women realize just how strong they are. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  3. Being a woman I can relate and empathize more with the characters who through their stories inspire us to be strong and independent. Women’s fiction embraces themes that revolve around the home, family, and community. The stories teach us important life lessons.

  4. I grew up at a time when women did not understand how to use their strength or that they had any. I am so glad women’s books can open people’s eyes now. Inspiration is powerful!

  5. Doris H Lankford

    I love women’s fiction because it shows me that there is nothing that a woman can not do if she tries hard enough. I always feel better after reading a good book.

  6. I love that the women can endure hardships and rise above insurmountable odds to achieve success.

  7. I like to read women’s fiction because it gives me a chance to learn about different women’s lives and visit new places at the same time.

  8. I love reading womens fiction because alot of it is true to real life, I love reading about strong women that make it on their own after disappointments and they don’t let that ruin themselves, they just keep on. Thank you for the chance. Have a great day and a great rest of the week.

  9. I enjoy reading about strong women and how they remind me how women are able to get through tough times and how they learn from their problems.

  10. I enjoy learning how each woman PERSEVERES throughout the book to get to the final page!

  11. Jaime Minter Collum

    I love how inspirational some women can be when faced with challenges and obstacles.

  12. The thing I like most about women’s fiction is seeing how the female characters overcome the obstacles in their lives. It makes me think of obstacles or disappointments in my own life and how I’ve handled them. I feel as a woman I can identify better with female characters better.

  13. Roxene Gonzalez

    I would like to start by saying reading has always been my happy place.
    As a child, I started by reading those Dick and Jane books, not sure you’ll know what that is.
    As I got older, Archie Comic Books were my everything. I’d pretend I was Betty’s friend, and I’d defend her, every time Veronica would be mean to her.
    We would go for ice cream and to dances and have loads of fun.
    When I became a mom, I rarely had time for reading (unless it was to my four kiddos!). Bedtime stories were a must, and I believe I instilled the love for reading to my children because they enjoyed this special time we shared together, each one.
    Often times, I’d volunteer to read in their classrooms and it became a thing.
    Before long, I was reading chapter books by Louis Sachar or Roald Dahl to their classrooms.
    Now, I’m a proud yaya (grandmother) to 8 beautiful boys. Yes. You read that right, it’s not a typo… 8. (Smile.)
    One granddarling lives with me, and I read to him a whole lotta.
    He also enjoys those authors but his favorites would be Dav Pilkey and Patricia Polacco.
    These days, when I find time to read for myself, I delve into your stories and also those of Jennifer Weiner.
    It allows me to escape from reality and go to that familiar place I knew as a child, my happy place.

  14. I love reading womens fiction because it’s all so relatable to some part of our lives whether it’s happened to me or a relative or a friend something is similar and it’s great seeing how differently we all choose to overcome situations

  15. I love everything about reading women’s fiction. The emotional journey and the characters usually do it for me but overcoming huge obstacles and changing their life in big ways are other 5 star earners!

  16. Michele Anderson

    I love reading women’s fiction because the women in the stories always have so much strength and get up and keep going even after being knocked down by multiple life situations. Thank you for the chance!

  17. My favorite things about women’s fiction is just the fact that women are writing and succeeding! I especially love it when a woman writes horror…it’s so rare, like a man writing romance novels. Growing up reading women’s fiction from authors like Mary Shelley, Agatha Christie, Anne Rice…it all gave me hope that I could be anything I wanted to be, even though I was female!

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