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Merry Christmas From The Family

Much like the previous post about White Trash, what’s Christmas without the song which actually is supposed to be the epitome of that?  A tune about dysfunctional families, and what many would say is a typical Christmas day spent carving turkey, watching ballgames, mixing up your favorite beverages, and a whole host of other shenanigans.

You know the song I’m talking about.  Personally I love it, not only the melody, but even from a writer’s perspective.  I relish the well written lyrics because I SEE the scenes in my head as I wail along.  Yes, I sing to this song, and loud too.  I’m alone when I do, much to the relief of family and friends.

One way or the other, Robert Earl Keen sure knows his rednecks.

For your enjoyment, (and mine!) turn the volume UP!

Now, if you don’t find that catchy, you might need to have yourself a sip of that Bloody Mary – you know you want one!


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From The Family”

  1. The song is so catchy, now I’m hooked and I’m Jewish… 😉

    P.S. Your blog looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Don’t you just love the little snowflakes drifting across the green? I’m going to hate removing them when it’s time. Based on temps around here, this may be the only snow I see this year.

      And yes, this is a song I think everyone can enjoy! I could play it over and over. (REK isn’t bad on the eyes either!) 😉

  2. It seems a shame that so few know of it when the Pogues Fairy tale of New York is so popular. The best background music for Christmas eve and day is John Fahey’s The New Possibility.

    If you look for it try to find the 2000 re-release of it. That one has both of his two Christmas on steel strung acoustic guitar albums on it.

    Hope you Christmas is merry and bright. Also hope that the pie recipe makes a believer out of you. Yes, we got your little doggie card.

    1. I love John Fahey – and you’re right about it being the best. It’s soothing, not overly done, and the steel guitars (IMO) give songs such a homey, traditional sound that makes me feel nostalgic. My mother used to put a stack of albums on the record player on Christmas Eve, and I’m certain she had an album by him – if not two.

      I hope to try the pie recipe out soon. I wanted to do it for tomorrow – but new recipes on days when you have a houseful isn’t necessarily a good idea. I can’t wait though b/c every time I read the ingredients my mouth waters!

      I’m glad the card arrived! Little Dog has my heart!

  3. Oh, if you get bored you can check out the Jill Sobule cover of it. I don’t know how I forgot to mention that the first time.

    Your newt looks cold

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