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More BIG News!

I was in Raleigh yesterday helping Mom.  This was the second time while away from my computer, emails, all manner of “connectedness,” that exciting news about THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE sat percolating in my inbox until I got home.

I’d spent the day with Mom raking leaves, going to the bank, emptying recycling bins, and checking her mail.  I’d bought her a Christmas tree and stand, got it set up and ready for her to decorate, and by the end of the day, I was tired.  A good tired though, you know?  Driving home I always take what we call “the country route,” shorter in mileage than the highway, but longer to drive because it’s…ya know.  A rural country road.  It was already dark, and so, I took my time, looking at the Christmas lights people had put up.  Traffic was heavier than usual, but typical for a Monday after a holiday, so it took me twice as long to drive home as it did to get to her house.

Soon as I pulled in the drive, I got the vehicle unloaded – because you never go to Mom’s without coming home with a boatload of things she think you ought to have – like jelly.  Canned tomatoes.  An ornament.

And finally, after all that, saying “Hi” and giving a hug to my hubby, I launched my computer.  And my eyes zeroed in on this absolutely wonderful news from my editor.


November 20, 2016  #121 The Education of Dixie Dupree by Donna Everhart (Kensington $9.99)

Heart rate went up much higher than it had when I was raking those doggone leaves like some sort of maniac.

But, then, I saw MORE news.  I started making weird squeaky noises.  My husband saw my face, heard my noises, and paused in his cooking.

“Are you all right?”

There was some hand flapping.

Little Dog sat down and stared at me.

I continued to hyperventilate.  🙂

One of my publicists shared that the book has been in the bestseller rankings at the independent bookstores around the country, and she had written:

“You are officially Donna Everhart, USA Today and IndieBound Bestselling Author!”

THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE has been ranked at #24, #15, #16,  and most recent, #17 since it’s release.

What a way to end my day!

That tired feeling I had was ziiiiip!  Gone!  Yes, there may have been dancing around the house while juggling a beer to celebrate.

Happy Dance





29 thoughts on “More BIG News!”

  1. Yayyyy!!!! Oh man, this is awesome! Huge hugs and congratulations on what I’m sure will be the first of many successes for you, my friend. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Xoxo

    1. Hee! You’re cracking me up – it’s weird though, b/c soon as I shared it with some of the family before posting here – they said that too! They already did a movie with BASTARD, I can’t imagine they’d go there again. 😉

  2. OMG!!! I knew it. I just knew it, Donna. And you, my darling, have just made my day (week, month, year)!!! It is such a delight and honor to know you…You are an unending source of amazing news and I LOVE it!!! <3 <3 <3

      1. I’ve miss you too, Donna! I found your previous post in my junk mail today. 🙁 I hope you received my email about my beloved Dixie. If you don’t see me around when you post something new, something is definitely sheeshing me! Big time! 😉 <3 <3 <3
        P.S. When is your birthday, my dear? Now I don't have FB to tell me, and I don't want to miss it.

      2. I left you a reply on the other post as well (Book Stalker), because NO, I didn’t get your email! I wanted you to resend it…if you still have it!

        You are too kind about wanting to remember my birthday! (coming up in…oh..about…six days. 🙂 )

        <3 <3 <3

  3. Great news, but the sharing with your mom was even better. You make me feel so close. Congrats and thanks. Beulah

    1. I love sharing the stories about the time I spend with my Mom, Beulah! Since my Dad dad in March 2015, the holidays are the absolute worst time for her…so I do what I can, but even after it’s all said and done, it’s still hard. I always try to make her laugh. I go once a week, and I look forward to it! Thank you for the congrats! (perspective is good!)

  4. YAY!!! Inevitable, but still wonderful!!! I’m really pleased for you Donna. And miffed that I haven’t yet posted my review of DIXIE. I hoped to do that at the beginning of the month, but then got swamped with moving and putting my new office in some kind of order. I don’t think my ramblings on your work will contribute to its success in any measurable way (especially now, after all this attention), but I still plan to post… soon!

    May DIXIE continue on to greater things, and BITTERSWEET be at least as successful. 🙂

    1. Thank you Colin! That’s okay about the delay on the review…but yes, do post it! I love to read how different people relate/react to the story and all your reviews are so thoughtful!

    1. Let me fill in that blank.

      “I knew her when she didn’t flap her hands and could drink more than one beer.”

      Seriously. Thank you Micki!

  5. well done you!

    congrats and celebratory cheering — now keep going with the next book. because there’s ALWAYS a next book to be written, and that’s the best part.

    1. Thank you Mr. ipants!!! (that still cracks me up to type that…)

      And yes, there is – and it’s done, and being edited! Can I get a woohoo?!?! (pub date Jan 2018) I do have another one I’m chomping to get to…and once edits are done I’ll be tackling that one…and hopefully keep right on. 😉

  6. That’s so exciting. Well done Donna, and well deserved too. Hope you had a nice bottle of bubbly chilled and ready to go!!

    1. Oh, the ebb and flow of Amazon rankings…lil ole Dixie is on the downward slide at the moment. It’ll go like that no matter what because – what goes up, must come down. Right? I’ll be happy if she lasts another week at a decent rank – whatever that means ! 😉

  7. Yaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssss! I just looked on top of the world, and there you were! Dancing away. I’d be careful juggling a beer, that sounds more dangerous than skateboarding if you ask me.

    I (finally) picked up my copy of DIXIE and started reading last night. November was a killer month with Nano, and I skipped virtually everything else in life.

    The first sentence hooked me. “My diary was my best friend until I gave it up as key evidence against Uncle Ray.” Was that one of your first sentence entries or did you leave that out? Wow, it’s a grabber. Well done. Can’t wait to get back to reading. So happy for your news, Donna. That’s super.

    1. Haaaa, there’s a tad less oxygen up here, ya know? Feeling lightheaded… (more so than usual). THANK YOU for the congrats!

      You did GOOD with NaNo. I’m impressed with the discipline, and like I said in my comment on your blog, I wanted to shadow y’all, but with everything that’s been going on, I don’t like to set myself up for failure right off the bat. Well done!
      Yes, that first sentence was used in First Sentence Friday’s. All first sentences were – and the only thing I did on a few of them was to eliminate words I felt were spoilers. I really loved doing FSF and I’ll be bringing it back for BITTERSWEET. A whole year away!

      I’ll just be over here…waiting for you to finish. Don’t mind me. No pressure. (subliminal message, read, read, read) 😉

    1. Thanks Kitty! I’ve had so many folks tell me they couldn’t stop reading once they started. That in of itself is enough for me! The readers are the ones who really = an author’s success. And my editor, when he shared about the USA Today news, said as much. It’s about sales more than lists. But. Still! It was so exciting! 🙂

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