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My Holiday Wish

The holiday frenzy is in full force.  Everyone’s in crunch time mode and operating with the laser like focus of this hawk below.

009Christmas Eve is less than three days away.  Despite the frenetic mannerisms of everyone around, and the possibility, at this late a date, of giving the WORST GIFT EVER, I’m still able to notice this:

Crazy Christmas Commercials

They start before Thanksgiving and by now, I’m singing and repeating most of them verbatim and sometimes even acting them out. You know the ones. “Clap on clap off, Clap on!  Clap off!, or “Cha-cha-cha-Chia! or “Mommy, it’s on!” (Sirius Satellite – ALL of their commercials are repetitive to the point of being a little OCD’ish)  and “Pajamagram”  Those fuzzy (hot flash!) pajamas that will make her “feel sooooo warm” (hot!) or the others where she will freeze her behind off, but make her oh”sooooo sexy.”  I’m not sure which is worse.  The tone of these, or the one’s for Valentine’s Day – with that ginormous teddy bear, and the obvious wink wink over the girl’s shoulder, like the guy just knows because of his giant teddy bear gift he’s gonna get “some.”

Can we say major CHEESE alert???

And then there are the heartfelt, warm fuzzy commercials.  I can deal with these a lot better. There’s one of a father and son on some small road trip to see something the father saw when his father took him to this same spot.  The father lets the boy walk ahead, and suddenly, a real “reindeer” approaches the boy, snorts, then takes off, floating as if it’s flying.  The boy’s belief in magic is restored as well as his communication with his father.  Or those Folgers commercials where some long lost family member wakes up the rest of the house by brewing a pot of coffee.  I do like those.

Santa’s – Except Something Weird Is Going On

They’re everywhere like they’re supposed to be, except…, I saw one little fat guy on Hwy 421 the other day.  What was he doing?  Busily texting as cars zoomed by.  He supposed to be waving and bringing in customers to Buddy’s Jewelry store.  I saw another perched atop a firetruck riding through a neighborhood, lights flashing and the siren wailing, woo, woo, woo!  He too, was texting.  I saw another in a little Christmas hut thing and HE was texting.  At least no kids were in line waiting.  Still.  What on earth is this?  Are the elves screwing up bad on toy orders?  Maybe Mrs. Claus is asking what he wants for dinner.  Maybe Rudolph’s nose has faded to a bare glimmer of what it once was, (he is, after all, 75 years old) and they’re trying to figure out who’s going to lead the sleigh.  Note to Santa – this looks WEIRD and not very Santa like.

Hasty Drivers – Okay, This Is Normal For Everyone But Me

I drive the speed limit.  Sometimes I’m actually under.  The other day I was busy thinking about the new project while on I-95, except I was actually going five miles over the speed limit  of 65 mph and still, everyone, I mean everyone was passing me. I don’t mean like some meandering creeping up and then edging by.  I mean whoosh!  whoosh!  whoosh! sort of passing.  I checked my speedometer several times just in case my foot had slipped off the gas somehow.  They made me appear as if my vehicle was standing still.  At least no one flipped me off like they’ve done before.  That’s the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Music

One radio station around here starts playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving through January 1st.  I’m sure there are many stations around the country who do this too.  I have to admit, I never, ever get tired of Christmas music.  I like what I call the traditional, been around for decades sort of Christmas music.  Singers like Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Eartha Kitt, as well as “newer” classics like David Bowie and Bing singing “Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy” together, “Last Christmas,” by Wham!, and “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” by BandAid.

Balsam, Frasier Fir, Woodsmoke and Spices

There’s nothing better than kitchens filled with the aroma of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice.  Chocolate, vanilla and butter waft out of warm ovens where cookie baking has reached a fever pitch.  Living rooms are saturated with the freshness of a frasier fir, or maybe a Yankee candle of balsam and cedar if the tree is artificial. Outside, the neighborhoods are filled with woodsmoke from fireplaces lit to keep off a winter chill.  I could simply stand still forever and just breathe it all in.

I think holiday scents and smells are the best.  Even better than the shopping, Santa’s perched everywhere, and the music.  There’s something about it that gets me into the spirit more than all the other things combined together.

Therefore, my holiday wish is you will stop for a minute, and take the time to be still and just breathe it all in.  Will you?



8 thoughts on “My Holiday Wish”

  1. Yes, I will, Donna. In fact, #4 child today said she wished it was Christmas Eve already. I said, “Really? You want it to be over that quickly?” But that’s just like kids–wanting the “big day” to come without realizing that a large part of the fun of the season is the expectation. The build-up. The cooking and caroling, the gift-wrapping and movie-watching. Even the 24/7 Christmas music and attention-deficient Santas… 🙂

    1. That’s exactly it for me. The build up. I think I might love all the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve more than the actual holiday itself. Our house looks the prettiest because of the decorations. It’s cozier with pine swags hanging from the mantels and over doorways, the tree makes the living room and hallway smell like a forest, and I have all sorts of candles, a nativity and assorted lights and other stuff everywhere.

      Btw Colin – SIX KIDS? What a fun Christmas it will be at the Smith household!

  2. Every year I find myself more and more willing to be still and breath it all in. Maybe it’s less stress as my kids are older now or maybe I’ve just matured…whatever the reason, I find myself just enjoying the idea of the holiday and all it stands for,

    1. I do think it has a lot to do with getting older and although I don’t care for all the scurrying around, I made a conscientious decision years ago not to let that or anyone with a bad attitude about the holiday’s get to me.

      My kids are out of the house and I do miss the role of Santa. Those were fun times and I recollect some Christmas morning’s where my finger tips would be sore from snapping parts and pieces of toys together just hours before. 🙂

  3. Good for you, Donna. We decorated just enough this year (no craziness) and we no longer buy any gifts. Our kids are grown and, though they come home and spend Xmas with us, we all decided a few years back that gifts are an unnecessary and stressful holiday complication. Guess what? We don’t miss gifts AT ALL. In fact our kids love the no-gift plan better than we do —- it’s just nice for them to pack a bag and hop on a plane without having to deal with spending money they don’t have and figuring out how to get travel-friendly presents. Best family decision we ever made.

    That said, there will be lots of cooking going on over here. We are all about having a glass of wine together, playing Trivial Pursuit and Cranium, and cooking and eating.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. I love that! Actually, for my husband’s side of the family – with the exception of the two nephews – I think that would work out great. We do like to buy a gift for folks, but, if it’s going to cause stress, anxiety and the repeated demand for a LIST (which we both HATE to put together) my vote would be to do it “The Carter Way.” I just might bring that up. It wouldn’t be the first time the family discussed it.

      Merry Christmas!

  4. We have a table full of cookies and rooms full of family. Yesterday my mom and I went shopping not for gifts, but for pillows and towels and blankets to cozy up the house. It’s starting to look like home.

    Happy Holidays, Donna!

    1. On my run this morning I saw a moving truck unloading boxes in front of a wonderful home nearby that’s been on the market for years. (that’s not a typo – years). I thought of the excitement the family must feel to move into this space two days before Christmas – a gift of a home to themselves and family. Same as your special home with it’s own heartwarming appeal. The idea of pillows, blankets and fluffy towels to fill up sofa’s, chairs and bathroom cabinets sounds like the bow on a gift.

      Happy Holidays back to you and yours, Averil!


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