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Now, We Are Three…

It was a chance meeting.  Like he found me, or I found him.  Either way, meet “Mister.”  He is from a foster home.  He’s been bounced around…., and…,well, we just had to give him what he so badly needed.  Like many of you have said, I think he’s got the ability to heal my heart.  I know Bella and Kiwi can’t be replaced…but, in the sweetness of this face is a new beginning.


12 thoughts on “Now, We Are Three…”

  1. Oh Jennine, he’s so sweet. What really gets me is the life he’s led until now… but, speaking of little, I mean we are talking LITTLE. 3 years old and … 3 lbs, 4 oz. That’s all. And, very very fragile as far as feeling secure. He actually cowered and whimpered when someone dropped by the house today. We have to follow a certain process for him to feel comfortable,,,but I hope to see him change. I’ll be working with him quite a bit to make sure he’s well adjusted – eventually!

    1. I have a pug/fox terrier, Chloe, who is 7 1/2. She’s a pet store dog (back when I didn’t know better than to support dog selling stores). And I’m not sure what she went through cause even, now seven years later, she’s really only comfortable with me and my kids. She’s okay with family that comes around often, like my parents, but we have to put her in my room when other people are around. But she’s absolutely obsessed with me! She doesn’t like when people sit down by us while I’m reading or if the other dog gets my attention. She’s the first (sometimes only) one to greet me every day after work.

      1. Wow…they never forget, you know? I hope I’ll see his confidence grow as time goes on, but right now, he’s highly sensitive. The “foster” mom says he’s on “high alert” due to new surroundings, masters, everything. The wind was blowing some this morning when I took him outside and he was skittish over branches/leaves moving. Acted like he was unsure, like they were “alive” and he was about to bolt. That tells me he’s been kept confined way too much.

      2. He will make it. I think my dog’s problem is that when we got her my kids were all under age 6 and I had just started a full time teaching job, so she didn’t get as much attention as she probably needed.

      3. I’m trying to reply to your last post, but thinking it won’t land in the right spot (no reply below your last for some reason) but yes, I’m seeing improvements so I think it’s only a matter of time…:>)

  2. Three pounds?! Oh my gosh, he’s smaller than a newborn! And such a face. . . .

    I’m glad you found him, or he found you. He’s in good hands now.

    1. THREE pounds – can you believe it! But he’s a healthy little thing…and so eager to please. Very shy, skittish and nervous right now. Making him realize that strangers aren’t bad people will take time. He’s latched on to me and my husband, Blaine. He’s exploring his new world and seems to love it. He’s already making me laugh. I’ve got a bit of nerves about the holiday visits coming up because he seems so afraid of people. The “foster” mom that had him isn’t sure what happened to him when he was in what was supposed to be a permanent home – that lasted for a year. Anyway, he’s gone from breeder to foster home to permanent home, back to breeder, back to foster home and now here. Here is where he’ll stay. :>)

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