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Out With The Old

…in with the new, as the old saying goes.

Yesterday I took the tree and decorations down.  Some will think, but what about the Twelve Days of Christmas leading up to the Feast of Epiphany?  A twelve days of Christmas celebration never took place in my family’s household.  Growing up, the tree came down soon after the 25th – maybe not as quick as mine, but quick enough.  I wonder how many of you actually follow the tradition – with your celebrations beginning on the 25th and lasting until January 6th, which is the 2016 timeframe?

I received a new Garmin fitness tracker for my birthday (earlier in December) and to give you an idea of what it means when I say “take the tree and decorations down,” consider that I logged over 4.5 miles of walking – inside my house and in my yard alone.  On top of that, I estimated I climbed the staircase with boxes, presents, and cleaning stuff at least 30 times – probably more.  At least that’s what my leg muscles are telling me this morning.

That new fitness tracker leads me to my next thought.  I’m not any different in that I love the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings.  I make resolutions, which I usually keep to myself – in case I don’t stick with them.  🙂  Statistics say most of us aren’t good at this resolution thing.  Check out some of those facts here.

2017 is peeking around the corner.  Are you ready?  What do you want most this year?







10 thoughts on “Out With The Old”

  1. Love this! I always take the tree down the day after Christmas. It’s feel like clearing away and starting anew, even thought it’s not yet the new year. I have resolutions (that I don’t tell people about either) but I have compassion for myself when I falter. Still, one public resolution is to savor each and every milestone leading up to the publication of my novel in November 2017. I loved that you did that with Dixie.

    1. Thanks, Mandy! That’s exactly how I feel, like a cleansing, and preparation for what’s to come – if anything. Girl scout here. Always be prepared.

      And yes to those secret resolutions. I’m the same way – I’m not to hard on myself – more of the type to try and do better next time

      You’ll be surprised how fast time is going to go. Things will be happening with Kensington that will be so exciting. You might have received your new cover by now. If not, it shouldn’t be far off. Then there’s copy edits, and that final read through where you see how pages will look in print. You’ll start getting blurbs…those are fun. You’ll start to hear about promoting the book, etc. Definitely soak it all in! I’ve yet to get a scrapbook (not the artsy/craftsy type) but I really want to and put all of my “stuff” in it.

  2. I like the idea of the twelve days of Christmas, but we got a real tree not long after Thanksgiving, so it’s getting dry. It will probably come down before New Years. I’ll leave the Nativity scene up, though, until Jan. 6.

    1. I like the idea too – only the idea though. Celebrating for 11 more days after the 25th? I would never make it.

      Oh, my poor tree. We put ours up the day after Thanksgiving and it was so dry when I took it down yesterday, if I looked at it wrong, needles fell on the floor. 🙂 It was a bonafide fire hazard.

  3. I always write a wish list for the New Year. My wishes are not intended only for myself but also for the world. Then I turn them into a daily prayer. I think that everyone can guess what I want both personally and globally…I’m like an open book. 😉 <3 <3 <3

    1. I love that idea – a wish list! That’s better than a resolution IMO. And yes, I certainly can guess, and I bet I’d be right! <3 <3 <3

  4. Resolutions have never been my bag, but I do have hopes (and fears) for the new year. Writing is amongst my hopes; thank goodness for you and the Reiders, who sustain and inspire me directly and generally.

    1. Likewise, Diane – they are some of the best folks out on the ‘net, right?

      I’m hoping to improve my writing, and read more books that inspire me. NO resolutions about those things!

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