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Pop-Up Giveaway for The Saints of Swallow Hill ARC!

Surprise, surprise! (Can you hear Gomer Pyle?)

I’m giving out another ARC today to one lucky reader with this surprise blog post!

Here’s how you have a chance to win the signed ARC:

Tell me what you notice about this dog!

Click on pic to enlarge

Comment here on my blog, FB or wherever you follow me for a chance to win!

I will announce the winner at the end of the day! 


19 thoughts on “Pop-Up Giveaway for The Saints of Swallow Hill ARC!”

  1. Deborah Ann Blanchard

    He’s a pointer and he’s got the scent, so he’s on the move.

  2. I don’t know much about dogs, but it looks like this one might be a pointer.
    What is he pointing to? Duck? Grouse? Are there hunters in your family, Donna?

    1. There was at one point. My husband used to do a lot of fowl hunting – duck, quail, pheasant (can’t hardly find them now) etc. He’s lost his appetite for it, probably b/c I’m such a huge animal lover. But he was what I call a good hunter, in that he always ate whatever he killed.

  3. He’s definitely on the hunt…Hmmm, does he have something to do with your new story? I can’t wait to find out!! Thank you for the chance, Donna.

  4. Well he looks rusty lol. It also looks like he has a design or word clipped through his hair on his rear quarter. He looks like he needs a hug! Sweet boy or girl ❣️

  5. He looks like a pointer! Maybe he has scoped out your ARC! Would love the chance to read it.

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