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The GRAND FINALE of First Sentence Friday and FREE BOOK Friday!

Here we are readers! Can you believe it? Not me! I wrote the first post for #thesaintsofswallowhill on May 14th, 2021. (For some reason that song I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together from the Carol Burnett show is now playing in my head. ????)

For thirty-six weeks we’ve spent every Friday together (except Christmas Eve), digesting and dissecting these sentences, and I hope it has been as enjoyable, and as much fun for you as it was for me!

Now, on to our last sentence!


It seems fitting the final one is from Rae Lynn’s perspective. Why? Because while the book starts off with Del Reese, and this story is truly as much his as it is hers, her experiences, the choices she had to make were more drastic and profoundly affecting. I loved writing both characters, but the tenacity and bravery of Rae Lynn, I believe, is something readers will cheer.

In this sentence, we get a hint of the possibilities that lie just around a corner.


Chapter 36

Rae Lynn

Rae Lynn drove her old truck down the dirt road and pulled it under a large pecan tree by the farmhouse to keep it in the shade.


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10 thoughts on “The GRAND FINALE of First Sentence Friday and FREE BOOK Friday!”

  1. So many words that I had never heard of!! Like cat faces on the Longleaf pines – my favorite! Chippers, dippers, tacklers, to name a few. Oh the awful box they put people in for punishment!!

    1. I learned all that too, while writing – so it’s been an eye opener for me as well. And yes, the dreaded SWEAT BOX. Whew, those were tough scenes to write!

  2. Deborah Ann Blanchard

    Learning about the sweat box had me in tears. You really captured me with your words.

    1. Thank you so much, Deborah. It’s sort of my “goal” to put readers right there in the moment. That tells me I did my job! ????

  3. As you know, I read a very early arc of this book. First Sentence Friday reminded me every week what a great book it was and sometimes I went back to the book to see what was going on in that chapter. Even though I’ve read the book, the book box looks fantastic. I collect tote bags! Can’t wait until next week when this books get out to the world!

    1. Yours was a standout review because it was one of the first. I recall thinking, wow, if she said that about the book, maybe others will too! The book box is filled with things the publicist felt held meaning, from the harmonica (Melody!) to the small handkerchief given to Rae Lynn by Warren before they married. Pine cone decorations, a candle, and I tossed in the t-shirt! ????

    1. We went out on NY’s Eve one time and the restaurant was advertising if it was your birthday, you ate for free. They didn’t believe him! (which I can understand) They checked his license – free meal came. 😉

  4. I’ve learned what an interesting book this will be to read and how dedicated you are in putting out your weekly newsletter. Most newsletters I sign up for don’t arrive weekly. I always make sure I look for yours every Friday.

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