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The Spirit Of Christmas

It’s starting to get a little crazy around here.  With only ten days until Christmas Eve, and shopping yet to be done, gifts yet to be wrapped, and a new writing project looming in the background, I’m feeling a little pinched.  And this one here, all he wants to know is, is it here yet?  If so, can someone please take this hat off my head?

Thank you very much.

Are you ready?  And, are you trying to write in between all that you have to do?


9 thoughts on “The Spirit Of Christmas”

    1. I’m going out today to try and knock out more shopping, which means more wrapping and I haven’t wrapped what’s already sitting around as it is. The new project for me is elusive. I’ve tossed aside so many ideas at this point, I feel I’m trying too hard. Some of the best stories are the simplest.

      Little guy above has filled a big hole in my heart.

  1. Yeah. This year is easy-peasy. All that’s left is a lot of work in the kitchen, which is fine by me. And of course I’m still trying to write. Trying being the key word of that phrase…

    1. Working in the kitchen sounds more appealing than working at the desk at the moment, right??? I’m finding every excuse to bake while telling myself I’m, “thinking about writing,” which is still work. 🙂

      I should post about my Spritz cookie catastrophe. That is what happens when too much of muchness (who does that sound like?) is going on.

  2. I tend not to get much writing done in December. I’m in the post NaNoWriMo recovery, new video games are out, that kind of thing. I take time to relax from the page if I realize I need it, and don’t beat myself up about it. I’m waiting for readers to get back to me, I’m dithering over putting my query letter somewhere for critique, etc.

    1. I was reading Chuck Wendig’s blog yesterday (part of the title “Hellidays” if that’s any clue…) and he listed out most of the “regular” things we all have to do, PLUS all the holiday stuff. It’s a load, no matter how organized or “ready” we think we are. I think December is a big wind down time for most everyone. Back when I was running more than 3-4 days a week, I used to always taper off in December. That’s the month I get new shoes (Usually for b’day or Christmas) and I start off the New Year in them.

      Query letter – do I dare say to let the Shark have a go at it? 🙂

      1. Mr. Wendig is relentlessly helpful (and entertaining), isn’t he? 😀

        I sent my query in to the Shark’s event which shall not be named, a couple of weeks ago. I guess it wasn’t one of the hot mess queries, just a “not her genre” one, and I was told to query away. So I’m going to take that as a “it’s not so bad”, at any rate! (given that she says it’s not a critique, but she’ll help if she can)

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