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The #stayhome Big Giveaway!


This probably means something a little different than it used to, if you are one of the many who used to head out the door to go to work before the #stayhome mandates.

I’ve been thinking about y’all. There’s been so much discussion online of what everyone is doing to cope. If you’re reading this, I hope you are well, and safe. I’m glad you’re here. Personally speaking, the #stayhome guidelines we’re all under haven’t been too hard for me. It’s my norm, for the most part. I’m always home, doing what I love – you know, writing the next great American novel. (haha – humor me) What I do miss is getting to see my grands, and other family members.

While it’s somewhat normal for me, I realize for many it’s not! So, I want to do something to lift your spirits. It’s really a double whammy. I not only want to see what I can do to put a little bright spot on your day, I want to help out my local bookstores, who have really stepped up with the creativity for managing author events, getting books to readers, all while trying to keep their stores going. It’s truly challenging times for us all.

Here’s how the #stayhome Big Giveaway will work:

Please share with us your “quarantine quandary – or story.” It can be a funny incident. Or, an interesting one. Maybe it’s sad. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t need to be long, just something that you experienced, or saw that’s happened since you’ve had to #stayhome.


What’s up for grabs? Several things!

  1. Two $25.00 gift cards to spend with Quail Ridge Books. You can buy whatever it is you want! It’s your choice. Shop online at Quail Ridge Books.
  2. Two “grab bags” from Page 158 Bookstore. The grab bags will contain . . ., well, I don’t know what they will contain, but I know they will be great because Sue and Dave Lucey do NOT let readers down!
  3. Two copies of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER, one each to two lucky readers!

Winners and prizes will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday by 5:00 p.m. EDT!

Both of the bookstores ship all over the U.S. *Therefore, this is for U.S. residents only – sorry!

Here’s something I can share – and I’d stick this one under the category of “bizarre.” He has on a bright pink face mask too. Wow.

At my local Walmart.

One each to two lucky readers!

One each to two lucky readers – the grab bags will come directly from Page 158 after I have the winner’s info!

Two copies, one each to two lucky readers!


84 thoughts on “The #stayhome Big Giveaway!”

  1. My husband and I together painted the outside of our house together, as well as the driveway. We are married 45 years. It took us 13 days, and we are still married!

      1. We havent had to much to change, we are retired and my hubby is has a rare form of MD and is on a power chair. Weekly trips to the store and the dr. That’s our lives.

        1. I was in isolation for my birthday/wedding anniversary on March 27th. I have double pneumonia, which caused all the symptoms to watch out for and was admitted from the 20th to the 23rd and released into my room separated from my family and daughter. It was extremely lonely and I lost my marbles temporarily. I cried so much and video chatted or my daughter sat at my door and cried and talked to me. The moment I got my results back that cleared me from COVID, I walked out of my room and just held my baby girl and kissed her for the longest time. Ten days that sucked. I thought about her to keep me from going into panic attacks, which actually happened and landed me back in the ER on the 25th. Double pneumonia had me fearing I was going to die and never hold my baby girl again and she would be so lost. I’m finally on the better side mentally and physically, Thank GOD!

          1. Wow, Beth! That sounds really SCARY. And I can imagine everyone was thinking the worst until those test results came back. Hope you’re feeling much better!

        2. It’s similar in my family. I have relatives (two in a chair) and your schedule is theirs, as well. They’ve said, “What’s everyone upset about? We’re home all the time except for the store and dr. appts.”


          1. Reena Agarwal Gilja

            We have been home for more than 6wks. The situation here in NY has been grim and scary. Have been finding comfort in reading good books, spending time with my family, talking long walks to catch fresh air, trying lots of new recipes. Was kind of getting use to the routine until two days ago my very good friends husband passed away after being in the hospital for two weeks. This has hit us really hard and I have no words to express my grief. My heart cries for my dear friend who is only 53 and lost her husband at such a young age to this horrible virus. I just wish everyone best of health and to be very careful in these times we are living in. Love harder and cherish each day because we don’t know what life brings you the next day.

          2. I am truly sorry to hear about your friend’s husband, Renee. This is the exact type of story that scares us all. You’re going along fine and then it’s like a sudden spot of black ice you don’t expect in the middle of spring. Peace, and prayers for your friend, and her family.

  2. It’s definitely harder to be home all the time than I thought. I am grateful that I can run outside when I hear people from Italy and Spain are not able to do this It brings a little more perspective to my life. I have helped make masks for nursing homes and we are eating out once a week to help support our local businesses that are being hit so hard.

    1. It’s that old adage – you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Perspective is great – I have been walking every day to get outside, and also spending a lot of time in my yard. I love that you have made masks – and are eating out once a week. We’re doing little things like that too.

  3. One of the most difficult things for me that this pandemic has cause is being unable to hug my family, friends, and most of all my mother. I didn’t realize how much I must hug now that I can’t. Also, how long will it be before I feel comfortable to do that again??

    1. So true. When will any of us be comfortable doing what we didn’t think about twice in the past? Like touching the handle of a gas pump. Or handling – money! I thought about that the other day. I hope when we look back, it will be with the thought we did all we could, and that it worked out very well for all of us.

  4. I’ve been home since March 12th, over two weeks before my state issued it’s stay at home order. I have a few health issues that put me in the vulnerable group so I made that decision early. I was very upbeat and thought I’d take the opportunity to do spring cleaning, organize my closets, clean out the garage and a long list of other things. What I’ve done is read, watch movies and eat. Trying to find the motivation to actually do something constructive with this time.

    1. I hear you, Peggy. I started being conscientious of where I was going and did I really need to well before we were told to stay home. As to that spring cleaning, closet thing – it’s true! The best intentions aren’t as easy as they seem . . . I started my walking “program” when this stay home thing started. Now I’m hooked. Baby steps back to running one day – I hope.

      1. Phyllis Bernstein

        Two weeks ago was feeling helpless because my sister came down with Coronavirus and she is in NY and I’m in Florida. Now feeling so hopeful because each day she’s feeling better

        1. I have been home 3 weeks, my husband still goes to work each day. I am going a little crazy being by myself so much. I do go out for a walk each day when the weather is nice. We have been helping support our local community by eating out at least once a week and we bought a gift card to an antique store we go to for my husband to buy record albums.

          1. All good things to do, Doris! Walking, and helping support the community in whatever way you can. Kudos to you and your husband!

        2. Wonderful news about your sister, Phyllis! (I heard somewhere 98% of those who get this recover – and that’s encouraging)

        3. Wow. What great news! She’s one of the ones they don’t discuss enough. I always want to know about the statistics of recovery. Thanks for sharing!

  5. My husband retired December 31, so I wondered how we’d handle being together all the time—little did I know what “all the time” really means!! We carve out time to be on our own each day, pursuing our own interests, but it’s been great fun to just be together without interruption! We walk a lot, we take drives, we appreciate nature and all that we are blessed with!

    1. I hear you! I’m used to having the house pretty much to myself – although Blaine has always been in and out during the day, sometimes on more days than others – but lately??? It’s like he’s always popping in. (he’s considered under the essential category but has only been taking outside jobs.) We were walking together as well about a year ago – and I haven’t been able to get him back into it. I’m going to try again. 😉 I’m glad you and Rick are enjoying yourselves, and I think it’s really smart to do as you said, and carve out that “alone/me” time.

  6. Well, since I’m semi-retired, it is kinda the norm. I was searching for a job but I put on hold looking for now. Hubby is home which is different. We play scrabble, working in the yard. We did get zoom video chat. Talking on the phone is nice but zoom helps SEE both of our daughters faces which I miss. Knowing they are healthy and safe makes us smile! Note: I have a signed “Moonshiners Daughter” so keep me out of that portion of giveaway. ☺️

    1. It’s like Zoom came out of nowhere. The first I heard of it was a reviewer mentioning it about a month ago. I was like huh? Zoom? Now I hear about it all the time. Glad you all are hanging in there.

  7. I’m reading Moonshiner’s daughter now (Audible) and love it! ( thank you Muffin for the recommendation!).My best activity during this quarantine stay at home deal has been playing bridge on Trickstercards with my bridge/tennis friends. We play everyday and are loving it!

  8. I have been having difficulty concentrating on anything. Doing a lot of cooking and cleaning. I am an older adult that’s going crazy in a house with four rambunctious kids. I like my solitude but this having to stay at home is driving me crazy. I’m afraid to go out because I am high risk. I hope you are staying safe.

    1. I’ve heard many say the same thing – that inability to concentrate. And the cooking and cleaning. Talk about a world turned topsy-turvy. It seems that way, doesn’t it? I’m considered high risk too, and definitely staying safe!

    2. I have a 21 year old special needs daughter who has had 3 heart surgeries. She is the happiest person I know and easy to please. She gets joy in going shopping to her favorite places like Target, Walmart and Crest. She also loves going out to eat at Red Lobster. Papa Dios, or 1909 Restaurant. With what is going on, we have not been going anywhere hardly. We will go to Sonic and Starbucks drive-thrus but have very limited outside contact so I can keep her healthy. She and I are thankful for all the people who are necessary workers and keep things going. We are praying that we all have learned from what is going on and can once again going out. We are keeping busy reading, gardening, baking and cleaning.

      1. I do think we’ve all learned a lot from this. A lot of people say we won’t ever go back to “normal” but I tend to disagree. It’s like giving birth – the pain, when you’re in the middle of it, is something you think you won’t get over until that warm little bundle is placed into your arms. Zip, the pain memories are gone. So, while I think we’ll (slowly maybe) return to how things were, we’ll do it with the additional knowledge of coming through something unique and challenging. Those lessons will stay imprinted.

  9. I am a retired introvert who has been very happy being home alone for the past year. I would go out and “people” once a week. Now, however, I am having a horrible time being away from human contact. I’ve been outside my property twice since March 1. Going rabid bat crazy! HELP…send a human to me please. At least a good book for some virtual stimulation and contact.

    1. Ha – I love that phrase, “people” once a week! Good one. I guess we’re all going nuts in some way or another, no doubt! Hang in there!

  10. Diana Fahrenbruck

    Thank you for this great chance to win. I love being in my home but I’m missing having a new book—I usually go to the book store every couple weeks and now I’ve been in my house two months!! No kidding. We got home from camping on Feb 29 and started to shelter in place. I’ve been out two times since then. Stay safe everyone!!!

  11. My husband works from home all the time. Our condo is about 1100 square feet, and I got my “stay home orders” three weeks ago. So we are both juggling GoToMeetings and Zoom calls while trying to be quiet enough and not kill each other!! He is a CCO and I am Executive Director of a non profit. We have been married 43.5 years…!

  12. My Shelter in Place started with opening my fridge one Saturday morning to the sight of blood all down one side; under 2 drawers and pooled underneath. I was thawing a pack of beef liver and the package had a small leak. It’s been all uphill since!!

    1. Those are the WORST messes EVER. I don’t know why, but anything spilled in a fridge is usually it’s unrecognizable and STUCK everywhere, requiring elbow grease and patience! Here’s to you flattening your curve, and starting down!

  13. Like many other people who dye their hair, my grey roots are showing more every day. I made an appointment with the guy who has done my hair for many years for the day after our governor might start getting the state back to normal (or whatever normal is going to be). He just called me and has decided to retire! While I am thrilled for him, now I have to worry about all of this grey hair plus finding a new hairdresser! It doesn’t worry me too much now because 1) I don’t see anyone and 2) lots of us now have excess grey in our hair so I’m not alone.

    1. Heh, heh. Lots of us have homemade hair, or homegrown might be the more apropos way of thinking of it. 🙂 I LITERALLY (literally) just grew enough hair to actually NEED a cut. It was scheduled for March 31st. That didn’t happen. To be honest, I’m sort of glad. I’m thinking given the way it’s come in (FRIZZY on top!!!) it could stand a bit more length. It looks like crazy hair. Hoping it will return to normal.

  14. One of the things I am learning about staying at home is you make time for what is important. This morning I woke and went for a walk in the cemetery. It was a great time for me to pour out my heart to God and be reminded of the frailty of life. As I started to pray it made me very conscious of the lack of control I have. A virus that cannot be seen is causing havoc in our lives. That is convicting to me. It does not stop the people who are willing to help though. i have friends who are essential workers and some are making masks for family and friends.

    1. I’ve mentioned perspective a couple of times, and what you say underscores that. The cemetery is a peaceful place, IMO. When I was running (now having to walk) I used to run in the cemetery nearby to me every day. I loved it. The thing is – none of us really have control, you know? Of anything – at anytime. We think we do. But, really He’s the one always leading even when we don’t know it or think so. I am thankful for your friends.

  15. I work part time at target stocking and unloading trucks. Then it’s stay at home with my daughter and granddaughter. If we didn’t have tv school on line for granddaughter and books I would really go crazy. Not that if we aren’t feeling the strain but at times it just gets to be too much. Stay safe

    1. My brother does what you do – not at Target but another store. He said it’s nuts. The deliveries are more frequent and it seems like as soon as he re-stocks, the shelves are empty. For all of the bashing many of us have done (myself included) about social media/the internet – aren’t we grateful for it now? And books. I’m SO happy I have an overflowing abundant TBR pile to keep me busy when I’m not writing.

  16. I have been cleaning and giving thing to my Family Childcare children that are stuck at home so that they know that I am still here for them. I am also sending care packages to my daughter and son in law who are expecting a baby in July. I am also missing working in th Church Nursery every Sunday.

    1. How thoughtful! I know everyone appreciates your efforts and the care packages. I imagine all the little ones will be happy to see you when everyone gets back to church!

  17. After I put in my 27 years as a state employee, I was an introvert (and an aspiring fiction writer) who was thrilled to be able to stay home. After traveling so much with my work, I loved not having to go anywhere. But my plan for spring 2020 was for us to put our house on the market and begin shopping for a house closer to where my son lives. All winter I looked forward to getting that started in March. But then Covid-19 hit and my husband and I were forced to stay at home like everyone else. And I had to put my house hunting/moving on hold as well as some last minute home projects. Nothing frustrates me more than having a problem I can’t take any action on. But I keep telling myself everything happens for a reason and the perfect house will be there when I can shop for it. And as hard as it’s been to concentrate, I’ve found if I force myself to ignore all the television/online craziness, writing is the best escape.

    1. Wow – those are some major changes to have to halt. I agree – I think things happen for a reason, and what do you want to bet the house of your dreams – if not b/c of proximity, b/c of location or style or lot or whatever – will pop up, and you’ll be glad all of this happened. (maybe, don’t think any of us can really be happy – but you know what I mean!) YES to the writing. It’s most certainly how I’ve been able to keep my head from exploding over all of the crazy stuff on TV and online. Keep writing!

  18. My retirement from teaching, the loss of my brother in November for whom I had been approved as a kidney donor (his health rapidly declined before it was possible), and the loss of my husband to lymphoma a few days after the loss of my brother, made for significant changes in my life in the fall. I am appreciating being alone with my thoughts. Sometimes solitude is a good thing.

    1. I don’t even know if I know WHAT to say to all of that, Jeanne. I think what comes to mind is that I’m glad this is what’s good for you right now. The space and time for reflection, the memories, sorting through your feelings, etc. Solitude can definitely be healthy, and a good thing.

    2. We’ve had to celebrate a little bit differently. Last month my oldest turned 16 and my husband’s and my anniversary was earlier this month. We just has a small family dinner and a movie with the family both days. Easter was even more different without extended family

      1. Yes, we have had birthdays, and then Easter slip by without all of the usual activities. I feel as if once the stay home mandates are lifted, we’ll all still be cautious, not quite ready to jump back into life as it was.

  19. We go to work and complain about long hours and boredom and crazy customers. Then when it’s taken away..along with your income it kind of rocks your world a bit. No place to go..because you cant. Too many bills to cause again’ cant. You take it for granted day today until the unthinkable happens.

    1. Tough times all around for certain, Tina. This doggone virus has not only set out to rock the boat, it’s like a tsunami no one saw coming from the financial aspect. I hope things are better for you sooner rather than later.

  20. Our 19 year old son was in Oregon doing a 7 month internship for his major at NC State. He was in a very small town, and the company closed (temporarily) due to COVID-19. We wanted to get him home, and it was difficult. His first flight was cancelled and he was rescheduled for the next day. Then that flight cancelled. He decided to drive five hours to Portland and fly out of a major airport. He rented a car as it would be expensive to pay for long term airport parking. Found out that his debit card didn’t work for car rental but his friend used his card. His flight from Portland to Chicago has 22 people then 7 people from Chicago to Raleigh. So incredibly thankful to have him home and healthy!

    1. Hello to another North Carolinian! (not sure if you’re from NC, but hey, you live there – and in my hometown to boot. I grew up on Avent Ferry Road)

      That was one crazy trip. I know you ARE glad he’s home and healthy!

  21. I decided to do my spring housecleaning while we are confined. Little did I realize that my husband would want to “help” so even though we got it all done it took longer than it ever took me to do it alone! I never had such a hard time hanging the curtains on the picture window (BIG). Anyway, the house looks nice and feels good too! We will be “celebrating” our 50th wedding anniversary on April 25. It will be a lonely quiet day without our family but we are happy to still have each other!

    1. It took a pandemic for you to know husbands are HORRIBLE at helping to clean?!?!? 🙂 All kidding aside, he gets a gold star from me for wanting to help. Happy (early) anniversary! I know you all will plan to celebrate big later on.

  22. Before quarantine I got to spend 2 full days and 2 half days with my youngest grandchildren. Now I only get to see them on FaceTime and I am watching them grow and change long distance. I miss the hugs, the craft projects and our walks through the neighborhood jumping over sidewalk cracks and finding pebbles. I long for time with my older grandchildren as well. My oldest granddaughter lives and works in D.C. I was supposed to go spend a weekend with her and see the Bolshio Ballet. I had been looking forward to this since last year.
    I am so grateful that we are all healthy and know we will get through this.

    1. I know that time was fun and exciting. The good news is, yes, we will get through this, and all those things you planned to do will still happen – just at a later date! Take care!

  23. I’m an artist with a home studio so my daily life has not changed that drastically though all the worry sapped my creativity and will at first. I’ve adjusted now so passing my time painting deflections of the beauty in our world. Sending you and your readers fervent hopes that you stay healthy! By the way, I agree that Page 158 Books is a wonderful place.

    1. I think many are finding art – in whatever form they can/choose – healing at this time. I love Page 158 Books – particularly the owners! 🙂

  24. My husband and I will be married 47 years in May. We seem to be getting more senile and forgetful since the virus epidemic. I guess we need more human interaction besides each other. Lol! We always seem to be far away from each other when we want to say something. So we are constantly yelling, “I cant hear you!!” Or, “I told you,” when apparently something was said that wasn’t heard. Or, I’ll say he just thought he told me; but he didn’t. Other than all that – I enjoy getting outside. I put mulch around my hydrangeas and blueberry bushes today. There’s always something to do inside or out depending on my mood. I love reading. I enjoy talking to Authors and others online. I enjoy helping people. I can always give help online or do some distancing help – like help pick up and deliver items to people. I want to paint some fading lawn ornaments outside.There’s lots to do!! Im never bored.

    1. You sound a lot like me, Dyana! I can always find ways to keep myself busy – aside from the usual household chores. There are projects inside and out – the list is never ending. Since we’ve discussed hydrangeas in the past, have you ever heard of a tea olive bush? I want to get one, and our “zone” looks perfect for it. It says “disease resistant,” which would be GREAT b/c we’ve lost trees that way.

  25. I was scheduled for total knee replacement 3/18. I got a call 3/16 telling me that 3/16 was the last day for elective surgeries. I am tentatively scheduled for 6/24 …we’ll see. my knee certainly doesn’t feel elective!!!

    1. OMG, knee pain can be the worst. It’s a joint and I think joints (in general) give us all a fit, no matter our age. I hope they keep you on that schedule!

  26. My husband is a sports fisherman and anxiously awaits fishing season and it’s been ruined for him. If he was 20 it wouldn’t be such a big deal but he’s 71.

    1. Okay. I’m seriously laughing at this. (if he was 20, but he’s 71) Will have to read this to my own hubby – he’s an avid fly fisherman and has been totally discombobulated about not being able to hit a stream up in the mountains. 😉

  27. My Mother-in-Law has of course been quarantined at her house and us at ours so we FaceTime her so she can see our 2 and 4-year-old. My oldest was talking to her last week and said, “You take a bite?” She replied, “ I’m sucking on candy”, to which he replied, “Like a vacuum?” I don’t know why but my husband and I laughed hysterically at that.

    1. Ha! Quite honestly, I can understand why. (And, don’t kids say the best things???) When I was growing up, my mother a friend of hers, and her youngest daughter, we were all riding somewhere. “Beth Ann” said something that made my mother laugh, and then my mother said, “Oh, Beth Ann, you take the cake!” She said, “Okay. Where is it?” That had to have been fifty years ago – I still remember it!

  28. I have two sons, one is a high school senior and one is in 3rd grade. It’s been so hard to see their school year end this way, particularly for my oldest son. They have been so amazing in how they’ve handled everything. I’ve really been proud of their resilience.

    1. OMG, I know. The school year ending this way must be unreal for them, the parents, teachers, everyone. But – especially for seniors, or any graduating class. Tough, tough times for that.

  29. During this quarantine I have been cooking quite a bit and posting pictures on Facebook. I had a pair of knit rabbit slippers on that inadvertently appeared in a photo. Everyone had more fun making comments about the slippers than the food! So now it has taken on a life of its own, lol Luckily I have six pairs of different animal slippers and I’m staging photos with them “sneaked” into the photos. The best one yet is me laying on the floor with just my legs showing with a pair of frog slippers on and an empty bottle of wine and glass beside me, titled “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”. Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

    1. Oh my word! I am so laughing at this – I have to go see if I can find that post on FB. Haaaa! Now that’s showing a great sense of humor – and creativity!

  30. Sandra Zimmerman

    Had 2 bouts of bronchitis in March. My husband says he thinks I actually had Corona and just got over it. I never went out of the house for over 3 weeks, but at least I am taking a walk every day now, but still social distancing!

    1. Wow. You know – there’s no telling how many HAVE had it and don’t know. And depending on testing and how available it is, etc., we may never know. I’m glad you’re doing better!

  31. Just staying home and cleaning and reading a lot of books. Wish that everyone would stay home and be safe.

    1. Ditto. My daily “outing” is due to my weird little dog. He has to eat in the vehicle. (long story) So, every day, I take him for a ride around the block. I’m glad my neighbors know about this otherwise they’d be thinking “stay home!!!” 😉

  32. I have had to self quarantine, due to my compromised immune system. I am in am with my boyfriend & our 2 senior dogs. Between the 2 of us, we have 6 grandchildren ranging in ages 3 mos-6 yrs. We haven’t seen any of them since mid February & I haven’t met the youngest in person. It is EXTREMELY hard to be away from them and our children!!! 🙁

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