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Words of Wisdom You Thought You’d Never Say

I have loved reading all the Mother’s Day tributes out on social media.  A common trend this year is talking about what you may have learned from your mom.   There were many posts with words of wisdom passed along, but for me, most of what Mom advised didn’t resonate until they came true.  Sayings like:

“Just wait, one day you’ll have kids of your own.”

When that finally happened, what happened?  I turned into my mother.  Worse, I even sounded like her!  The first time it happened, I had to stop for a second and realize, “I have become my mother.”

Here are some words of wisdom I thought I’d never, ever say (and I bet you didn’t either):

I brought you into this world and I’ll take you out!”  (haven’t used that one yet?  Just wait until their hormones kick in)

“Just WAIT till your father gets home.”  (well, I was a single parent, so in this case it was “just WAIT until I get home!”)

“I was not born yesterday, mister!”

“There are starving people in this world who would gladly eat your dinner!”

“You kids will be the death of me yet.”

“Don’t make me pull this car over….”

“This is gonna hurt me worse than it’s gonna hurt you.”

“You brought this on yourself.”

“Can’t never did.”

Credit for those stellar parenting educational tips comes from the woman pictured below.

Mom, Auburn ME, 1941, age approx 15
High school grad pic, age 18
Mom and her grands, Justin and Brooke
Mom and the great grands, Payton and Abigail

Thanks Mom, for all those words of wisdom.  You were absolutely right, but you never said, “I told you so.”

Happy Mother’s Day!


6 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom You Thought You’d Never Say”

  1. Hahaha! I’ve heard every single one of those quotes. I think there is a secret playbook all mothers are given, and then it’s just passed from generation to generation. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    1. Yes! There’s definitely something to that – or we were so petrified it was burned into our brains like a bad tattoo experience and we have total recall in the moment when our brilliant children act like we did. 🙂

  2. I remember that moment when I thought, oh my gosh, I sound just like Mum! Luckily, I adore my Mum so I didn’t feel the need to panic (although I remember her telling me when she sounds like her mother to start to panic).

    1. Ah! I know what you mean, AJ! I guess I didn’t mind sounding like her so much either – it was just the “realization,” of it, ya know? It sort of hits you in the head when it happens, and all that time as a kid when you say, “I’ll never this,” or “never that.” And then. . . never comes and you do. Ha!

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