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A New Book Is Coming – Eventually!

Hello, all y’all!

It’s been a while since I posted out here. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday in whatever manner you chose to celebrate. We kept it somewhat low key at the Everhart household. There was definitely decorating, some baking . . .  and, (groan) lots of eating!

Tree – just after decorating!
Egg Nog Cake – so good . . .
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies! (yummy)

Now that we’re beginning a new year, you may be wondering, okay, what’s the holdup with this next book? Well, there’s a process, and in my quirky (weird?) way of doing things, it must be followed. It’s true under the usual circumstances a new book would be about to hit the shelves – if it hadn’t already – on par with the way the rest of my releases have gone. I.e. I’ve been doing around one book a year.


THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET, December 26, 2017

THE FORGIVING KIND, January 29, 2019*


(*whew, you see that??? Two in one year, bookending one another!)

At any rate, typically, in late December 2020, or, at the end of this month, another book would be due out. While it does seem a bit strange to not be involved in the usual book event scheduling, fielding emails, and arranging for other various means of promotion, the timing of how this worked out couldn’t have been better. (for me, anyway) Truth is, I needed to get past some of the challenges of 2019, and so, I took my time coming up with a story.

After I went back under contract, I gave myself a year to write. Some of you know I finished the ms this past summer of 2020. Some of you have even had a sneak peek at the title over on my Facebook page. (I’ve scratched over it here. I really love the title – but the publisher might come up with another one that works just as well. We’ll see!)

Afterward, I went through the usual self-editing, When I was done fileting the thing, I sent the manuscript off to my agent to read. I tried to forget about it, (snort!) but,  I have to say, it’s always worth the wait to get his feedback. He used words like, “dark and evocative, authentic, richly observed, and character driven.” (!!!) Oh. My. Word. Time to briefly celebrate!

NOW, the ms is finally with my editor, and I’m back to holding my breath. Haha. As soon as he reads it (likely early to mid Feb), I will then, hopefully, be given the publication date. That means, until he says x, y, or z about it (he’s welcome to use any of the words my agent used – 🙂 ) I can’t share much. This goes back to my earlier statement, there’s a process, and in my quirky (weird?) way of doing things, it must be followed.

As soon as I know a publication date, THEN, I can schedule to start my First Sentence Fridays again, and begin to introduce you to this new story!

A tiny hint:

Artwork/Credit to David Hunt








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  1. My heart remains in the Old North State! Anxious to see what’s coming!! Love your writings.

  2. I’m anxious and excited to know a whole lot more about the new book!! It feels like it’s been forever!!

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