Donna Everhart

Have you noticed the comments in the news lately about “the 99% and the 1%.”  That particular percentage is related […]

I have a subscription to Publisher’s Marketplace.  If you are a writer, you should invest the $’s in the site […]

Writers are impatient.  Well this one is, but as I just told a commenter on my blog who is setting […]

I’ve often wondered when I finally got the chance to write this particular post, what I would say and how […]

It was inevitable.  The first rejection.  Before it happened I thought, maybe I’ll celebrate it.  HA!  It has bothered me […]

Since I embarked on the novel idea of writing a novel (yes, there’s a smile in that obvious pun), I […]

I’ve only been posting about once a month, but I felt compelled to do one today based on some recent […]

My BLOG is WAY over due – but suffice it to say – I was busy with revisions on the […]

In my last post, I talked about the fact that aspiring writers are told “you have to write one million […]

I’m no expert but I’ve read, heard, and now I’ve seen for myself that every writer experiences the horrible, dreaded […]

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