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Christmas in March

This month has been full of little “gifts,” and for me that equates to Christmas in March because of the excitement it’s generated.  I’ve mentioned receiving these little goodies on Facebook, and then I realized I hadn’t shared it here!

Like I mentioned in the publication process post, these came (page proofs):


And then, a few days later, these showed up:

I believe these are called “book plates.”  I’m not sure.  They are prints of the actual cover that will be used on the First Edition print.  I love the paper they used, it’s sort of rough textured, and it will have what’s called “French flaps.”  I would “squee” here but I’ve sworn off the use of “squee.”

Then, a few days after those arrived, this heavy box showed up with these inside:


Again, no one emailed me to say, “hey, your galleys (Advance Reader Copies, or ARCS) are on the way!  What a surprise it was to open the box, and see a stack of these!

Time to pull out the pictures of how I felt:

20 thoughts on “Christmas in March”

    1. Yes! October 25 any book ordered will start to ship, and the official launch is Nov 1. Hard to believe when this started, it was literally a year ago – as of tomorrow. Yep, I got the email we had a deal on…April Fools Day! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Dena – and what they used to print these galleys isn’t the same material, so I can’t imagine what the “real” one will look like b/c I thought these looked great!

  1. Oh my gosh, the ultimate surprise mail! I wonder if they do it without telling you on purpose, to get that effect? So excited for you!

    1. That could be, Jennine! Actually, if I’d been told up front, hey, this is coming, I think I would be just as thrilled, ya know?

  2. Donna, your timing is fantabulous. How many of us will be purchasing multiple copies thanks to tax refunds???

    *Raises hand manically*

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