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First Sentence Friday – THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER – and a surprise!

Hello everyone! I will share two sentences today, from Chapters 3 and 4. We will be all caught up after June 28th. Also, be sure to read through to the end of the post for the surprise!


 Throughout my childhood, the word “finicky,” was often used. When I would sit down with my family at suppertime, my plate filled with food, I’d taste this, that, and then slump in my chair. With each passing minute, down, down, down I went, sliding until my nose was level with the table and nothing but eyes and forehead showed. My mother had long given up on making me clean my plate. I would be excused from the table.

Jessie Sasser learned early on food was both a comfort and an enemy. It’s 1960, and she’s grown up in a time where any sort of personal challenges with eating haven’t been fully recognized. She’s cautious, conflicted, combative over anything to do with it. She makes a declaration at one point in the story, escalating an internal war within herself, and those around her.

Chapter 3

The smell of steak and gravy.

(That brief sentence, says so little, yet so much about Jessie’s “monster.”)


Jessie’s personality is like this; if all the fish are swimming downstream, she’s the one fighting to go upstream. I like this about her. I like that she’s determined to stand up for her own convictions, even when it makes things harder for her, and often for those around her. As the book’s flap copy states, Jessie wants nothing to do with the making or selling of moonshine, so every opportunity she gets she’s picking and choosing what’s acceptable to her and what isn’t. Including the money made from ‘shine.

Chapter 4

The next morning I would have bet it was the same ten-dollar bill lying only inches from the gap at the bottom of the door.


Here’s the SURPRISE!

Last week I announced with the First Sentence Friday posts I would occasionally include a free book. Guess what? I have enough inventory to give away a book EVERY FRIDAY through the release of THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER! The giveaways will be copies of THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE, THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET or THE FORGIVING KIND.

This week I’m giving away a personalized copy of my debut, THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE. I don’t have many of these left, so count yourself a lucky winner if you get it! The book was an IndieNext Pick (Nov. 2016), a Library Journal Top Pick, an Amazon Best Book/Debut Spotlight (Nov. 2016) and long listed for the Southern Book Prize.

Comment, and share my post with your reader friends for a chance to win. The winner of this book will be announced Monday morning.

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30 thoughts on “First Sentence Friday – THE MOONSHINER’S DAUGHTER – and a surprise!”

  1. Thank you, Donna. I’ve been wanting to read this, especially after reading The Forgiving Kind.

  2. Yay for Jessie! This reminds me of a battle of wills between my dad and me and all my siblings over STEWED TOMATOES! Sadly, we couldn’t slink away like Jessie could. I’m enjoying your Friday updates. Would love to win a copy of Dixie Dupree. It’s the only one if your books I don’t own.

  3. I love First Sentence Fridays! Thank you for sharing with us. Dixie Dupree is the only print copy of yours I don’t own! I have it on my Kindle.

  4. Oh my I love this!Those first sentences really have me curious to read your book!

  5. I want everyone of your books, crazy want them after reading excerpt, crossing all my fingers and toes❣️Sharing on FB and Twitter ❣️

  6. Fifty years later, my Mother still tells everyone how hard it was to get me to eat. She says I used to hold a piece of food in my mouth for hours! I would love to win The Education of Dixie Dupree!

  7. I don’t know how you keep putting these books out–so well developed characters and plot. I’m super impressed.

  8. Eldonna Edwards

    You have me so intrigued by Jesse’s relationship with food and how it relates to her sense of self. I cannot wait to read The Moonshiner’s Daughter!

    1. It was fascinating to research about disordered eating, and I learned a lot about it I wasn’t aware of! Looking forward to your opinion, as always!

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