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First Sentence Fridays and FREE BOOK Friday!

Hey – I know. I don’t even have to say it! 🙂

I have looked at lots of old pictures of labor camps, and the one thing that was clear, the housing was shoddy with little space in between them.

There were some that looked to be in a bit better shape, like this one. (notice the hat on the post)

Photo by Dorothy Lange, circa 1937

I show you these because of the proximity of one shanty to another – particularly in the top photo. Privacy was not in abundance in these camps, and it was easy to know what your neighbors were up to at any given time of the day. This was a bit complicated for “Ray,” who needed all the privacy “he” could get.




Chapter 15


Cobb was an early riser like Del, yet no sound came from his little shack.



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FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A SIGNED COPY THIS WEEK – here we have another mystery photo, except, I don’t even know what this is!

What I can tell you about this photo:

  • It’s on a pine tree located at a historic farm (built in 1825)
  • The bottle would have been about 15-20 feet above my head, i.e. you would need a TALL ladder to get to it
  • There was some sort of green/waxy stuff in the bottom of the bottle
  • It was fastened to the tree with some sort metal hooks
  • There was no cap on the bottle
  • There were no bugs in it

Tell me what you think this is! 

A winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday!




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11 thoughts on “First Sentence Fridays and FREE BOOK Friday!”

  1. I wonder if the bottle on the tree is a version of spirit bottles? They are prevalent in the South. The idea is to hang a bottle with a sticky substance in the bottom so that a spirit will fly in and get stuck so they can’t haunt you. Some versions have several bottles hanging on a dead tree. They are also called haint trees.

    1. I have seen many bottle trees here in NC. This is quite different, but I’m not discounting that it might be to catch a haint! (coincidentally – our porch roof is painted in what is known as one of the many versions of “haint” blue. 😉 )

  2. I think it was a fairy condo complex from very, very long ago. Once the fairies moved out, all signs of fairy life were removed. The green substance was left over fairy magic that just slowly slid down the walls of the bottle over the years. If the green substance would be removed or even touched, fairy Kings and Queens would be summoned from the area for investigation. It could be a revival of sorts and could be a chance for fairy life to return to the farm.????????????

  3. The bottle might be for maybe collecting some sort of sap, or maybe it was to catch fireflies . Thank you for the chance. This bottle is pretty interesting hanging like that on the tree. And you are right, wow, there sure isn’t any privacy with the little houses so close to each other. Have a Great weekend and stay safe.

    1. I wondered the same thing when I saw it – but the opening, or mouth of the jug, isn’t against the tree so it would be hard for any sap to get inside it.

      Those houses are literally the sort you could lean out a window and borrow that cup of sugar from your neighbor. 🙂

  4. This was done to ward off evil spirts in olden times, I believe! As Alicia said possible to catch sap!

    1. What I’m not sure of – when was the bottle put there. If way back when this farm was running – yes, possibly to ward off evil spirits – but like I mentioned to Alicia, the mouth of the jug isn’t against the tree, so it would be hard for sap to run into it. Plus it was WAY up high and the only one like this. Regardless – odd!

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