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Not Yet!

Good morning, everyone! I’ve decided to delay announcing a winner until I hear back from the good folks who run the historic farm where the mystery jug is located. To tell you a bit more about the area where I took this photo, from their Facebook page, they describe the farm like this:

“Malcolm Blue Farm is a historic home and farm located in Aberdeen, Moore County, North Carolina. The house is believed to date to 1825, and is a one-story, three bay, frame structure with a simple gable roof and vernacular Federal and Greek Revival style design elements. It has a rear and full width front porch. Also on the property are the contributing four small barns, pack house, well, horse barns, and grist mill.” 

I have private messaged them, and asked about the jug attached a tree.

As soon as I hear back, I’ll announce a winner! If you haven’t tried to guess yet, get your thinking caps on, and tell me what you believe is going on. 🙂

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