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WINNER!!! LaurieBecker21

I heard back from the Malcolm Blue Historic Farm site, and to be honest, they aren’t sure! I think this is so odd. I suppose anyone can go onto this property and do what they want, but the question remains, why? Why attach a glass jug so high up, with some weird green waxy looking stuff in the bottom?

Here are their replies to my private message:

Monday – “You have stumped us, both on what this is for and where it is. We will look into this and get back with you.”

Tuesday –  “So we asked our tour guide and the best answer he had was ‘Could be a lightning bug lantern… or not.’ We will have a bunch more people out at our Malcolm Blue Festival on Sept 18 who might be able to answer your question. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful!”

Basically, nobody knows – yet. I hope they will reach back out if someone is able to provide the answer at their festival.

Either way, we needed a winner, so, for her creativity in providing a guess, the winner this week is “lauriebecker21” from the blog comments!

Congrats, Laurie – email me your address ( so I can get a signed ARC of The Saints of Swallow Hill in the mail to you!

I’ll see everyone back here on Friday for the usual post and another chance to win!

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