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First Sentence Fridays and FREE BOOK Friday!

Some of you already know, if you saw my regular Facebook page, that we lost our beloved little Yorkie, Mister, on Friday, a week ago.

Little guy May 2021

It was unexpected, and this has been a tough, hard week, but I’m here, and I’m ready to give out another ARC to a lucky reader. For that chance, read on  . . .


On the flap copy of The Saints of Swallow Hill, it says:

When Warren falls victim to his own negligence, Rae Lynn undertakes a desperate act of mercy. To keep herself from jail, she disguises herself as a man named “Ray,” and heads to the only place she can think of that might offer anonymity—a turpentine camp in Georgia named Swallow Hill.

Rae Lynn took certain measures to accomplish her new persona, and while she’s done a fair job at carrying off her disguise thus far, Del Reese, who’s already had a brief encounter with “Ray” thinks he’s not quite who he says he is, and studies this new worker with curiosity.


Chapter 11


One hot afternoon, he got a chance to watch the new man who’d arrived a few days before.



For the next several weeks, I will be giving away Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of The Saints of Swallow Hill – basically until they’re gone! If I get more, I’ll give those out too. Eventually, I’ll have the finished copies to give out as well. I hope to make some readers happy! Aside from giving away ARCs on Fridays – I’m also doing “pop-up” giveaways – which is a good reason to follow me on Facebook – I don’t (didn’t) post the pop-up giveaway this week via my blog.


Comment on my blog or FB page, and tell me something special about your own pet – if you have one!

If you don’t:

 A randomly selected winner will be announced on Monday!

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Read the first SIX CHAPTERS of The Saints of Swallow Hill  for FREE!  Select your choice of e-book via Goodreads where all varieties for download are available with one click.

Or – you can go straight to the Kensington Publishing Company site, and read the sample right here.

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Are you a NetGalley reviewer? The Saints of Swallow Hill is available for request! I’ve started seeing a few reviews. It’s so exciting to read what people are saying about the book!


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16 thoughts on “First Sentence Fridays and FREE BOOK Friday!”

  1. It’s so hard to loose a furry friend. My heart goes out to you.

    Our little one is 14 now and almost blind. His favorite perch is on the back of the couch so he can see what is going on in the neighborhood. Whenever my husband sits on the couch the dog licks his entire head, and when he holds him he’ll go for his neck which causes my husband to laugh and say it tickles, causing our dog to lick even more. On movie night our dog cuddles up next to him to watch the movie too. It’s a real bromance I think.

    1. Oh my. I just wrote a lot and it disappeared. My black cat, Gremlin was almost 17 when he died. He was my snuggle buddy that would get under the covers with me while I slept or read. I miss him so bad that it hurts. ????

      1. Oh gosh, I hate when that happens! Write everything down and poof.

        What a perfect name for a black cat – and after 17 years of companionship that is certainly a hard loss. I understand about the hurt – it’s a physical, and mental pain that is relentless. I’m sorry for your loss, too. 🙁

    2. It sure is . . . he and I were here together all day, every day. We had our routine. My husband has taken it hard, too.

      I loved hearing about your little one, particularly about the licking.

      Mister would do the same, cuddle/sleep beside me while we watched TV at night. Every part of the day/night was filled with these little moments of interaction that seem so big now.

      Thank you for sharing.

  2. So sorry to hear about Mister. I know how much he meant to you and your husband. You have my deepest sympathy.

  3. Sherry Hrozenszky

    Losing a pet is so devastating. My sincerest condolences ???? our pets are our family. We have a Yorkshire Terrier named Mickey who rules! ????. He’s only about 8lbs, but that doesn’t stop him from “trying” to outbark and out stretch his lease showing huge dogs he’s not scared of anything! He’s a true alpha in his mind ❤️ .. he’s also my cuddle monster. When I’m ready to go to bed I always say bedtime Mickey? Then he runs and waits on my bed til I get in then crawls under the cover with me snd sleeps there all night ????. We al have two cats, a hamster, two rats and 11 fish. So with my two kids and myself we have a houseful of love. ❤️

    1. Aw, Mickey. Mister was about 5 lbs. Truly a little guy, but like your Mickey, the thought he was a big dog. It’s funny how we say certain things to our pets that become part of the routine, isn’t it? I love that you say, “bedtime, Mickey?” and there he goes, under the covers. You all have a true menagerie of pets – whew. When I was growing up, I had hamsters, gerbil, and guinea pigs. I’d have probably had rats if my mother had allowed it. 😉

  4. So sorry again for your loss, Donna. It’s such a heart-breaking time, I know. I have a kitty called Savannah. We adopted her from a local rescue 2 years ago. She has the sweetest personality and makes us laugh with all her antics.

    1. Thank you, Carla. While each day there’s a tiny improvement, it’s still so tough, and hard to believe. I love your kitty’s name – Savannah – and there’s nothing better than a playful dog or cat!

      Adopting is such a great way to go. We adopted Mister when he was three.

  5. Mary Jane Coward

    So sorry for your loss. We are in between pets right now. We have two grand dogs who visit regularly though!!

    1. Thank you – you know, it may be a long while for us to get another pet. I had two other Yorkies, Bella and Kiwi from 2000 – 2012. Theirs was a tragic loss too. I got Mister to help me get over losing them. So for the better part of over 20+ years, I’ve had little dogs around me. It will take some getting used to, but I’ll know when the time is right.

      I wish I had grand dogs – that would be ideal!

  6. I have a funny story for everyone. Years ago when my husband and I first got married we had a pet Guinea pig named Cupid. He was very talkative and loved to play games. His favorite game was tug-of-war with a shoe string with my husband. Each would take an end in their mouth and back up. Then the staring contest would begin to see who would let go first. Most of the time it would be Cupid and the shoe string would fly through the air snapping my husband in the face. Cupid would roll over on his back laughing. Then he would grab the shoe string again and challenge my husband for a rematch.

    1. Wow – I never knew guinea pigs were so engaging. I had one when I was nine and I think “Patches” lived until I was around 12 or 13 – I can’t recall. What I do remember is how he would “whistle” every time he heard the cellophane wrapper for the lettuce. He would go nuts for lettuce. I also used to take him outside and let him eat clover to his heart’s content.

  7. I have a real cute story from years and years ago when we lived with my in-laws. My husband and I had a pet mini lop rabbit named Butterfly who was best friends with his sister’s miniature poodle named Heidi. Every morning they would go to our neighbor’s house 2 houses away for a treat. Each would sit and beg for their treats. The rabbit got a carrot and the dog a hotdog. When finished eating they would return home both happy and full.

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