Donna Everhart

First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 28

Reminiscent of the novels of Lee Smith, Kaye Gibbons, and Sandra Dallas, Everhart builds a firm sense of place, portraying the tiredness and hope of a dry southern summer and voicing strong southern women.” 



Do you know whether or not you’re going to like a person within the first few seconds of meeting them? Have you ever been wrong? I believe most of us have good gut instincts – or is it intuition (?) – when it comes to personal encounters, but we’ve all probably made a mistake at some point in time about an individual, especially if they aren’t quite what we expected.

There is a lot of information on the differences between gut instinct and intuition. Some sites say it’s essentially the same thing, or one triggers the other, while others say it’s different. I’ve always felt they were one and the same, but after a bit of reading, I learned (at least on one particular site) that intuition is an innate ability to know what direction to take on an important choice. You just “know” it’s the right decision given what your mind and heart are telling you. On the other hand, gut instinct is more about past experiences, the ones that have alerted you to danger, for example.

This was a great article I thought that explained it the best, but there are many more out there.

Sonny didn’t care for Frank Fowler from the moment she first met him when she was nine years old. Whether it was gut instinct or intuition, all she knew was she felt he was bad, bad, bad. For whatever reasons, her mama doesn’t think of Frank in the same way. He’s shown her a different side. Truth is, she may not be following her gut instincts, similar in the way we might know the job we’re in doesn’t make us happy, but we stick with it for financial reasons.

Chapter 28


It was after the New Year, and we were back in school, but all I could do was worry about Mama being at home alone with Mr. Fowler.


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4 thoughts on “First Sentence Fridays – Chapter 28”

  1. The worst times in my life have been preceded by a gut instinct or intuition I ignored. Every. Single. Time.
    I never differentiated between the two but I get the point about the difference between informed experience and blind intuition but I think sometimes that line is blurred with denial or overreaching faith.

    1. Same here! I wonder why we do that – I read (somewhere) it has to do with ego – but not ego like we’re full our ourselves, but ego as in “I know better” (or maybe “I think I know better.”)

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