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Welcome to a New Look!

For some time now, work has been going on behind the scenes to improve the speed and overall look here at Much of the information is the same, but you should notice much faster response times when you click on various buttons or menus, and of course, the Home Page is the biggest change, not only showcasing my next book,  but the new background picture is also evocative of where my stories take place – the rural South.

BIG THANKS to Jason M. (who is not pictured!) for working so hard to put all this in place!

Take a look around, let me know what you think!



7 thoughts on “Welcome to a New Look!”

  1. You are very welcome, Donna! 🙂 As for our <3's, even if they don't come through, our hearts are always there… <3 <3 <3

  2. Whoa, a month or so ago I said something about this site being kind of slow. You said something about front end loading issues and then it got much quicker. I thought that was what you were talking about, but no, this is surprising.

    It is also quite pretty. I think I like it, but I’m slow today.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and are set for a nice Christmas. Happy Holidays to you.

    1. Things were already in the works and have been since about August to change over to new service with much better performance. I hope you notice! I think it’s pretty too – especially that Home page. Love, love, love. I did have a nice Thanksgiving (we hosted here – about 15 people) and I think I’m ready for Christmas – although I keep forgetting things. Argh.

      Happy holidays to you, and Kathy too.

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