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Foreign Book Sales!

Happy New Year to you all! ????????

I thought I’d share the gorgeous cover of the Czech Republic’s hardcover edition of The Saints of Swallow Hill, which was published in October, 2022, by JOTA. They titled the book Swallow Hill. 

When they put the book on their website and promoted it, they also included this pretty graphic.

Also, for those who might’ve missed this out on social media, three books also sold to the Russian Federation; The Road to Bittersweet, The Moonshiner’s Daughter, and The Saints of Swallow Hill. Expected publication is sometime in mid 2024. I can’t wait to see what Arkadia Publishing will do for those covers!

Beyond this news, there’s some other stuff percolating in the background, and I’ll share that when I can! For now, I’m heading into research on Book #7! ????

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  1. After reading The Saints of Swallow Hill I thought, this would make a great movie. I hope to see that in the future.

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