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Some News!

Good morning, all!

I have a bit of news to share! ????

First, I have a publication date for my next novel set during the Civil War, and that’s February, 2024! 

Second, I’ve been asked to come up with a new title – and this is proving to be really hard! I’ve had a working title for about eighteen months, and it’s like it’s cemented in my head. I told my editor when he shared this request it was going to be like a tattoo removal – although I know nothing about that, personally. I just know it’s painful, and leaves a scar.  ????

I’ve asked writer friends to help, and got great ideas from them, but, I’m still on the hunt for one that grabs me as much as the original. (THE REBELLION OF JOETTA MCBRIDE, for those who don’t know) I’m searching in various ways, from other Civil War book titles, to hymns, to poetry of that time, to songs. Every time I think I have one, by the next day, I’m like, nope, bleh.

Here’s a few suggested to me, and some I’ve thought of – bear in mind, none of these have felt “right,” or hit me like the original. I think it will take some getting used to once a new one is chosen.

IN THIS LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY – my agent said this sounds too much like an epic Civil War book – and I agree, because the story is very personal of one woman’s struggle to maintain her family’s position of neutrality during the years of the conflict.

Another is JOETTA’S WAR. And several more are WE SHALL NEVER BE THE SAME (like that title I SHALL BE NEAR TO YOU by Erin Lindsey McCabe) A SOUTHERN UNION (my husband’s suggestion) and AT THE EDGE OF GLORY. You can see I like that word “glory,” and that’s because there are certain words that evoke that period in time.

During my searching, I ran across this photo of these young drummer boys. There’s a character in the story who fits this picture, and his name is Charlie Hastings. ????

So, it’s back to wracking my brain some more! I have a deadline of February 15th to figure it out. Ten days and counting!


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  1. I am sooo excited! I hope you get a great title, deserving of what I know will be a fantastic book!!

  2. Sonya Davis Snoderly

    Very exciting news! I can’t wait to read it and will be one of the first to go out and purchase from Book Bound in Blairsville, GA! I actually like your husband’s suggestion as well as The Edge Of Glory. Maybe you can bring in something about the “Grit” (of Joetta McBride) as well as the word, Glory. Without knowing the storyline: “Where Grit Meets Glory for Joetta McBride” or however it makes sense to the plot.

    1. Ah – the lovely Book Bound Book Store! I loved visiting there – and hope to return! Thank you for the suggestions – I’ve been twisting words in my head all day.

  3. Hello Donna,The neutrality seems to be the issue in the book, and I looked up synonyms for neutral/neutrality (I’ll bet you’ve already done that!) and none of them seemed like they would fit into a title for your book. I thought of phrases like middle of the road and sitting on a fence. Maybe they will lead you to something else that would work. I’ll just say that I LOVE the original title, because I love reading about rebellious women and that title would surely draw me to the book! Good luck to you, and I’ll be waiting for the book’s release.

    1. We had a mind-meld on neutrality and like you said, yes, I did that, too. The funny thing is, there are other books whose titles would work so well, and I keep thinking, “if only I could come up with one like that!”

      I love my original title too. It’s a key point of her persona and depicts her so well, but, the publisher has been generous with my other five book titles, and I don’t think they’d ask unless they have a sense the book will do better with something else. Thank you for your help!

  4. Ohhhh Mrs Donna…..
    I am a huge fannnnnn of your books!! You’re an amazing author!! I am a lover of historical fiction and a bit of suspense and you tie that all up !!
    When I found out you were writing a novel about the civil war, I was truly stoked!! That is where my heart lies when reading. I tend to lean toward reading books set in the antebellum south leading up to the Civil War. I just finished Alex Haley’s (Roots) and Wow that was a read I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to read your new book I know it will be phenomenal!!! Do not judge the grammar or punctuation in this!! hahaha I love to read but can’t do all that grammar stuff!! Plus I am from North Carolina so I can relate to your southern characters. Please keep putting out these amazing Books!!!

    Much love
    Amanda Forrest

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for your comment which has really made my Monday! Also, I appreciate you reading my books – that makes me very happy, and yes, those from the South (and NC) tend to understand the stories as well as the DIALECT. ????

      You can thank my husband for this next one about the Civil War. He told me a couple of times I ought to write one set during that time, and I kept thinking, no, no, I don’t think I want to write about that period. But then – I thought, hey, he’s right. And so, here we are! I’m never worried about anyone’s grammar, punctuation or any of that – I tend to drop commas like dust particles.????

      I plan to keep writing as long as my brain work! (and some days I question that, but that’s a whole other topic – haha)

      Thank you again! ????????

  5. 1. A Lady’s War Between the States
    2. Lady McBride’s Civil Rebellion
    3. The Rebellion of a Dame in Boots
    4. Civil Rebellion on Hallowed Earth
    5. McBride Among the Blue and Gray
    6. A Woman’s Uprising for Civility
    7. Joetta McBride’s Uprising
    8. The Revolt of Joetta McBride

    tell me more and I can come up with more….

    Is she involved with a man or helping in the war on one side or the other?
    Is there a certain hill or land feature that she’s associated with?
    Which battle might she be surrounded by?

    1. Thanks, Angela! I appreciate these suggestions. What I like to do is look at word choices others have given me, and take one or two and see how it might work with something I have. Like a new or not yet mentioned example in your comment above is “revolt.” But, if I were to use The Revolt of Joetta McBride – or something like that – Joetta McBride’s Revolt – it’s too close to what I have – and likely wouldn’t fly.

      She’s married, with two boys. NC was very rural during this time, but she’s near a town called Whitakers, although not in any particular location. She’s never in any battles – and none are near her home. The story takes a very compressed look into one individual’s unwillingness to “conform.”

  6. hi Donna, I’m just brainstorming a bit, but how about:
    Joetta’s Struggle for Calm
    Peace in the Eye of the Storm
    Joetta’s Stand for Peace
    Alone in the Middle

  7. I like Joetta’s War. As a person raised in the South, but who has lived and worked in publishing and bookselling in the North for a long time, I’d shy away from the language people use to talk about the Confederacy. The risk is limiting your readership. Obviously this opinion is for the title only (the book goes where it needs to go).

      1. And . . . it’s about a woman and her family (husband, sons, father-in-law) who are yeoman farmers in rural NC. They don’t own slaves, therefore want nothing to do with the war but are inadvertently caught up in it when their oldest boy runs off to join. She maintains a position of neutrality after her husband goes to look for him, and ends up shunned by the community.

  8. I like Joetta’s War too. Or The War Within Joetta. Could you use neutrality in the title? Just some thoughts. Very excited for the release.

    1. I “think” we have a new title and it’s nothing like I imagined! Have to wait to hear from everyone before I share. I’m excited too – can’t wait for everyone to read!

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