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You might have noticed I keep monkeying around with things “out here.”  Chalk it up to preparation.  Again, I go back to my need to be organized and have certain requirements for the new part of this writing gig called Promotion in place.

The latest and greatest?  WordPress helped me again this morning to change the pre-order hyperlinks to actual store icons and they are now located in a more visible spot in the Sidebar.  Yay!  (Here’s a heads up.  With the Kensington button, the book is not yet up on their site.)

As I mentioned before, I prefer to be ahead of the game and not scrambling around at the last minute.  With that, I’m also up in the air about keeping the Blog, or going to a Newsletter format.  I’ve talked about that here, and in other “places.”  You might notice the tab that was called Blog now says Newsletter – as if I’ve made up my mind.  I changed it so it will simply allow me to convert to doing the Newsletter – maybe once a month (or more as needed), if I choose to go that way.

I’ve also added back in my Twitter feed (recommendation by publicist) and a way for you to follow me.  That was a head slap moment.  And…I’m actually sort of curious about that feature.  WordPress seems pretty straightfoward, i.e., has a way for folks to follow if they aren’t on WordPress via email – so I hope it works!  If someone out there reads this and doesn’t know what WordPress is, then you are my perfect guinea pig!  Sign up to follow/receive the “Newsletter” currently looking like a Blog.  🙂

At this point though, this “Newsletter tab” is still all about me ying-yanging about whatever I like out “here.”  I will have comments open as always.  (CRAIG)

Also, if you could, hop on over to Facebook and “Like” my (also new!) Author page, I would be very grateful!  To find me, go here:  I’ll be on the lookout for the LOVE there too!

I’m always looking for your input, so if you have suggestions, want to weigh in on any of this, or simply have something to say in general, I’m here – with the little red eff!





6 thoughts on “Newsletter or Blog”

  1. So professional around here now. I gotta go get some shoes on before I come back. Or at least some socks.
    Oh, and Craig says hi. He didn’t know the combo to get through the security gate. And I was already here, so…

    1. Ha, this place is about as upscale as that piece of fuzz on the floor right there.
      We’ll see if Craig figures it out…Craig?

  2. It is so professional here, and I love it! I also love that you take action to be ahead of the game. You inspire me, Donna! I learn so much from you, my dear friend. <3

    1. Thank you so much Lilac! Just about anything would look better than my ole brown blog. LOL! I did like it though…and my little red eff. Sigh. But there are many, many other author websites that put mine to shame…but for now? This is serviceable and works, so I’m happy!

  3. I would keep the blog and the newsletter. Blogs are great to blather and we’ll follow you, hang on your every word. Newsletters are different. They’re for those newsworthy things like where we can chase you to bookstores. In my case it’s to inform people when the next show is, where and what. It’s less frequent. I tweeted to you a link. Did you see it?

    1. Actually Angie…I like that idea. And it would be very simple (says she who contacted WP support two days in a row) to change the tab above back to BLOG. I suppose in reality, the Events & News tab suffices for what you talk about. “Chasing me to bookstores” made me smile. Trust me, I might be chasing ya’ll. “Please read my book…PLEASE….!!!” 🙂
      And yes! I did see that link about the websites! Thank you so much – I actually favorited it, and replied back to you and Jenny Hansen this a.m.

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