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Welcome To A New Look!

I’ve been working behind the scenes to transition my blog to a new and improved “website.”  Across the top you’ll see the new  “menu” items (The Book, About, Contact, etc.), but I’ve also chosen a theme I hope will represent this new part of my writing career.

I like simplicity.  I like organization and structure.  I like to have features lined up like little soldiers, and not too much clutter.  The old blog was starting to look a little cluttered.  Don’t get me wrong…I loved the old blog with my little lizard – okay, some called it a red eff, or maybe it’s a salamander, but the dark background and white font?  Not so much.

I have “The Book” as my static page for now.  I am still poking around out here and so, if you see some further changes or rearrangements to content, that’s why.  I’m not sure the blog will stay.  It may go to a newsletter, and if so, I’ll be converting that space to a page that will say “Newsletter” and a form to sign up, and I hope you will!  All that is up in the air right now because I like to chit chat, but I’m finding my time for that more limited.

Take a little tour yourself, test out the social media features, and as always, let me know what you think – or if something didn’t work!


15 thoughts on “Welcome To A New Look!”

  1. Woot woot! Had to be a blast putting “Events & News” as a header — who cares if there’s nothing to put underneath it yet! It’s like pouring the footings. You know the house is coming and you can’t stop smiling waiting for the next glorious step. Look out world, here comes Donna!

    1. It was fun! I want flashing lights too, I mean hey, if we’re going to have an event, we might as well have AN EVENT! 🙂

    1. Sort of like a rolling stone, right? This is the third theme I think…but I do like it. Easier on the “old” eyes.

    1. Thank you, Lilac! I know just enough to be dangerous out here. Haha. Had to call in WP support this a.m., but hopefully this will do for the time being.

    1. Thank you! That’s why I finally bit the bullet and changed now – sort of ahead of the game. It was get it done now, or have a freak out moment when it HAD to get done. Ya know?

    1. Thank you! I really get sort of antsy/irritable with clutter. When I think back to the other site…it’s a wonder I didn’t change earlier.

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